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  • Why do card tricks work? How can magicians do astonishing feats of mathematics mentally? Why do stage "mind-reading" tricks work? As a rule we simply accept these tricks as "magic," we seldom recognize that they are really demonstrations of strict laws based on probability, sets, theory of numbers, topology and other branches of mathematics.

  • Surefire Tricks to Amaze your Friends A barber in Chicago says hed rather cut the hair of ten red-headed men than the hair of one brown-haired man. Can you guess why? Ask Professor Picanumba, a master of riddles who carries dozens of sure fire tricks up his sleeve. Hell show you how to astonish your friends and family by predicting the answers to 8

  • Martin Gardner wrote the "Mathematical Games" column for Scientific American for twenty-five years and published more than seventy books on topics as diverse as magic, philosophy, religion, pseudoscience, and Alice in Wonderland. His informal, recreational approach to mathematics delighted countless readers and inspired many to pursue careers in ma

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items