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  • A collection of brilliant, stunning, highly commercial routines that you WILL use! Matthew Wright is a leader in his craft and brings together an exciting blend of mind blowing magic, engaging presentations and award winning entertainment on "the Unusual Suspect, his debut DVD. You will see six high-impact performance pieces that have been audience

  • Instantly load any small object inside a walnut, inside a handed! The "borrowed item to impossible location" is a classic of magic and for good reason. It always generates great reactions and interest because the props are personal to the spectator. It leaves itself open to great comedy, interaction, tension and suspense. It is an essen

  • "The Best Ending to 3fly..Nothing else even comes close." - Craig Petty For years I had stayed away from coin magic. It never really struck a cord with me..especially 3 fly routines. Its funny looking at it now as my 3fly routine has played a major role in helping me win The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year, The IBM (British Ring) Close-u

  • The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet. The is a wallet like no other. The Marvelous Fourseen Wallet is the first wallet to offer a simultaneous multi-peek feature. For the first time with a wallet you can instantly peek four separate pieces of information written on four separate business cards inserted into four separate places in the wallet. Of cours

  • Matthew Wright has devised a new, revolutionary thread system that allows you to effortlessly animate a small object form one hand to another with almost no movement. No other thread system can accomplish what Horizon can achieve: - Make a selected and signed card eject from the pack and slowly levitate to the other hand. - A playi

  • Ripper is a fresh new approach on the torn and restored card. Available as Regular or Twisted versions

  • February is a special month for the AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE. With an all new look and feel coupled with the names we have in store for you! Featuring Lectures from Matthew Wright, Jeff McBride and Ekaterina

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items