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  • True to the theme of the collection "Live at Double Fond", Dominique Duvivier performs his tricks in front of a live audience, then he explains them to a group of passionate magicians. From the flash effect to the routine extracted from a show, it is a long list of 18 tricks! Card tricks of course but not only that: you will keep exploring the univ

  • What is more spectacular than doing a trick where you put yourself physically in danger? Despite appearances, this version is one the surest of its kind. You present four bases. Onto one of them a nail is fixed pointing upwards. Beforehand you will have the audience check that it is pointed. You cover each of the four bases with a disposable cup. A

  • You have seen it during the Dominique Duviviers shows in Double Fond, either "live" or in one of his video programs.. You have wanted it to use in your own performances.. You have requested it from the shop. The Mini Duvivier Wallet is now available again .. this time in a leather version! In a cardholder format it looks completely harmless. It is

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items