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  • Original Dream Fly by Michael Afshin and Blacks Magic Original Dream Fly - If a magician walked up to you and made three coins appear at his fingertips. What would it look like? It would look like this. If he made those three coins fly invisibly from one hand to the other, melting into thin air and re-materializing one-by-one, what would it look li

  • International Dream Fly by Michael Afshin and Blacks Magic A Startling New Professional Coin Routine INTERNATIONAL DREAM FLY - is an entirely new and absolutely incredible routine by underground coin ninja Michael Afshin. In fact, its so beautiful and so striking, that its almost impossible to capture in text the visual mastery and magic youll see

  • Michael Afshin and Roy Kueppers present "MENAGE A 3" with Gaffed coins from "Roy Kueppers" and the following Routines Taught by Michael Afshin! International 3FLY - An elegant routine using three very different coins. Each coin visibly travels from one hand to the other. Mike teaches his beautiful 3FLY handling performed right at the finger tips. I

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items