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  • Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Volume 1 by L & L Publishing In front of a live audience (who are probably still trying to catch their breaths after laughing so hard), youll see and hear Michael expound on the following subjects: A Dry Heat Getting Older Pet Peeves Flying Passing Gas Flying Again Driving Old People Man-Sized Huggies Eating Cats A Tri

  • Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Volume 2 by L & L Publishing Cane to Hat Table - A great openr for a comedy magic act. Six-Card Repeat - A venerable classic with the Finney touch, complete with a story that hangs it together and a pure show-biz ending. Professors Nightmare - A trick many have discounted comes to life in the hands of a comedy master.

  • Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Volume 3 by L & L Publishing These are the inner workings of the magic in Michael Finneys repertoire; the tricks that made him a star. And, though youll learn the secrets behind the tricks, theres much more here than that. Youll learn the real secrets of what makes magic entertaining to real-life audiences and even if

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items