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  • Napkin Rose by Michael Mode This instructional DVD Comes with 12 custom printed Napkin Rose Napkins - a sampling of all five colors! Refills also available in packs of 50 (white, yellow, purple, red, and pink). Magician Michael Mode will teach you how to easily twist a napkin into a realistic origami rose. In addition to the basic napkin rose twist

  • Bowling Pin Production by Michael Mode Do you have an outstanding opening effect? After all, your opening effect is the first impression the audience has of you. It needs to be something thats quick, visual and very magical. My Bowling Pin Production immediately captures the attention of the audience. It establishes your presence and magical skills

  • Napkin Rose Cube by Michael Mode Effect Whats youre favorite color? We couldnt decide either. Now you dont have to. Introducing the Napkin Rose Cube. 150 Napkin Rose Refills - 30 each of Red, Yellow, Pink, White and Purple - all in a modern carrying case that you can use over and over again.

  • Banner Magic! is the latest magic product created by Michael Mode. Designed for professional magicians, Banner Magic! is three time-tested routines, Princess Card Trick, 52 on 1 and The Long Card, in a new banner format that opens and closes like magic. The perfect prop to have on hand when you need extra performance material. Pack small. Play Big.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items