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  • Candle Rewind by Michael P. Lair Effect An 18" white lit candle rewinds into a 30-foot white cloth ribbon! This one never fails to get a dynamite audience reaction. They love it! Make a dove appear from the coil at the end! *A Lit Candle Magically Rewinds Into A 30-Foot Ribbon!

  • Appearing Sword This beautiful chrome plated metal sword measures 36 inches open, but collapses to a mere 10 inches in length. Produce this sword anytime easily during your routine. The audience loves it!

  • Sponge Poker by Michael Lair A 1 1/2" red sponge ball changes instantly into a red poker chip while placed momentarily into a clear coin case! It is an excellent ending to any sponge ball routine.

  • Originally appearing in Michael Lair's book "Stage Cool." Also featured in the June 2005 'Talk About Tricks' column by Joshua Jay in "MAGIC" magazine, and in Joshua Jay's Top 10 of 2005!

  • A Collection of cool magic effects to heat up your stage performance! *** Check It Out .. *** Sparkle Matches: Matches are produced, lit in your magic act, with electrical sparks showering off them. The sparks accentuate the lit match productions. Confetti Packets: Produce a burst of shiny mylar confetti at any time during your magic act! Throw Str

  • Cool Coil by Michael Lair You recieve a 36-foot coil, that can be pinned with the enclosed hairband holder, into your pants pocket, jacket pocket, table, scarf, or just about anywhere! The multi-colored coils are perfect endings to a "Blendo" or "Beach Ball Memories" or any effect that needs multiple colors. The solid colored coils are perfect e

  • A flame appears at the magicians fingertips. Suddenly, the fire goes out, and a 24 inch silk appears in its place!

  • Beach Memories by Michael Lair A beach ball magically animates in your hands!

  • This is the same Klamm silver coil that Michael has been using in his act for years. Each 25 coil comes prepackaged with illustrated instructions.

  • This cute 3.5 inch red fish will curl and tell someones fortune whenever you wish, but will remain motionless in someone elses hand! You control it. The comedy possibilities of Misfortune Fish are endless!

  • This 48 page booklet is loaded with illustrations and covers the following: Vanish - Firefall Flashspin Triple Stripped Cane Fire Appear - Spitfire Flashover Flower Power

  • Hot Coil Trick by Michael P. Lair Effect Fire In Your Hand Changes Into A 36-Foot Reuseable Ribbon! You recieve a 36-foot coil, with a stainless steel fire gimmick attached, that can be pinned with the enclosed hair band holder, into your pants pocket, jacket pocket, table, scarf, or just about anywhere! Hot Coil gives the audience a cool visual!

  • After discussing todays economic inflation, a dollar bill is borrowed and "inflated", transforming the bill into an Origami balloon! The balloon bill then rolls mysteriously across both arms, and is returned to the spectator, who will stay up most of the night wondering how you inflated and animated the borrowed bill!

  • Fire Flower by Michael P. Lair Effect Fire Changes Into A Red Rose, Which Then Rewinds Into A 36" Reuseable Red Ribbon! A flame in your hand magically changes into a beautiful red rose. With a wave of your hand, the rose transforms into a 36" red coil that cascades from your hand. Fire Flower is an excellent 3-minute showstopper routine that you ca

  • A Flashy and Exciting Production! A flame appears at your fingertips. To everyones surprise, a beautiful 24 inch Chinese fan magically appears in its place! This incredible effect is perfect for close up or stage!

  • Spitfire by Michael Lair Effect A stainless steel wire loop is inserted next to the candles wick holder to make this candle appear lit any time in your performance.

  • The creator of Fantasio candle effects Spitfire, Firefall, and Candle Rewind gives you the following exciting routines on this DVD Candle Basics - A description of the appearing and vanishing candles is given and basics on how to use them. Firefall - A lit candle vanishes in a shower of sparks. Several magicians are using Firefall to open the

  • All Access by Michael Lair The All Access DVD shows 18 of Michael P. Lairs top-selling effects performed. You will see performance only of: Animated Origami Bill, Beach Memories, Big Coins!, Candle Rewind, Cane Fire, Chinese Appearing Sword, Chinese Fan, Chinese Lucky Envelope, Cool Coil, Fanfire, Firefall, Fire Flower/Rose Coil, Fire to Silk, Hot

  • Candle to Fan by Michael P. Lair Effect Candle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. Lair. Light a 15" red, tapered candle. When the flame goes out, a beautiful, red cloth dragon fan is there in its place. Candle to Fan is so well made and easy to use. It is all self-contained. After the lit candle transforms into the red fan, you can

  • Featuring the International Brotherhood of Magicians Originality Contest 2009 1st Place Award Winning Entry Shrink Drink + 9 other cool ideas with drinks to add to your magic act! Michael P. Lair, creator of the Coins! and Candles! DVDs, presents drinkmagic, containing 10 of Michaels latest visual magic effects with cans, bottles, and cups of drink

  • COINS! by Michael P. Lair 16 Visual Standup Coin Effects Invisiblair - The ultimate invisible coin gimmick is explained in its entirety. Invisihop - Use Invisiblair to make a coin jump from hand to hand. Pocket Drop - An excellent way to vanish a 3-inch coin. Confetti Packets - Produce brilliant bursts of silver confetti anytime in your act. Fire I

  • A big coin jumps from hand to hand, changes into a burst of silver confetti, and then changes into a 25 foot reusable coil! Direct from the Coins Video.Trick includes everything you need to perform including big coins, confetti, and complete instructions.

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