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  • Mental Parano by Mickael Chatelain Effect A spectator names any card they want (for example, the Queen of Clubs). The performer brings to attention a folded piece of paper secured with a rubber band around the deck of cards. It is their prediction. The selected card is found, removed from the deck and placed face up on the table. The deck is return

  • In-Air by Mickael Chatelain Effect Four cards are selected and presented face down. One card is placed face down on the table. Just to make sure there are only 3 cards remaining, the performer counts them. The cards are lined up in hand and turned over to show 3 different cards. The fourth card on the table is flipped over to form a pair. A flick o

  • Metamorphose by Mickael Chatelain Dont really will miss it! Effect A spectator selects a card from the pack and, taking care that no one sees the face, places it face-down on the table. The performer removes a felt-tip pen, takes out another random card from the pack and draws a small sketch on the back. The moment of truth has come..the

  • Sel-Impact by Mickael Chatelain Effect This trick really fools the eye with just one card that can be shown front and back! It starts off as the Ace of Spades. Now, watch closely! Very slowly, the Ace of Spades transforms before their eyes. Its morphing, live and close-up! The spectators eyes cant explain what theyre seeing! The Ace of Spades chang

  • A spectator selects a card (for example, the Queen of Hearts). The performer requests that they sign the front and/or back. The card is placed on top of the deck still in the performers hand. A magic card, with 2, quarter sized holes, is produced and placed on top of selected card. The performer makes a cutting motion with their fingers over the ca

  • Numberground by Mickael Chatelain Mickael Chatelain was, without a doubt, the revelation of the first part of the year. His effects, which are very visual, amazing, and easy to perform, have managed to delight and "enchant" the magical world. With Numberground, he adds a new treasure to his collection. Once again, this is a very strong visual effec

  • Flex by Mickael Chatelain and Carlos Cardoso Carlos Cardoso: 7 close-up magic tricks explained for you. Carlos definition of magic is "when the soul acts". An illusion is actually a visual fiction interpreted by each spectator in his own way. Mickael Chatelain: 5 fully-illustrated gimmicks. Mickaels definition of magic is that the illusion is the s

  • Bill Flash Card by Mickael Chatelain Effect A spectator takes a card from a deck. Quickly looks at it and returns it to the deck. The performer takes out a bill from their pocket ($20 for example) and tells the participant that if their card isnt in the deck anymore, they get to keep the $20. The performer continues by saying "You can see for yours

  • Matrix (Includes DVD) by Mickael Chatelain is available in either Red Or Blue

  • EXIT by Mickael Chatelain VISUAL - CLEAN - AMAZING Effect A spectator picks a card in your deck. The playing card is replaced in the deck and the deck inside the case. Just put a handkerchief or your hand in front of the deck. The chosen card appears under the cellophane. And now, The spectator can pick the playing card alone! -The perfect finale

  • Mickael Chatelain's Reset Card brings the card to the top of the deck with ease. A spectator selects and signs a card. Places the card back into the middle of the deck and the magician waves his hand over it. In an instant, the card is at the top of the deck. It doesn't get any simplier than that! Available in red or blue

  • Mickael spent almost an entire year working on REWIND. The result is unbelievable, yet easily doable by anyone. Available in either Red or Blue Gimmicks and in either back design or face dessign

  • A card is selected by a spectator. The same card is signed on its face and returned to the deck. The deck is immediately given to the spectator who is asked to inspect it and cover the deck with their hands afterwards. You show a board covered with stickers. Peel off one of them and apply it to the center of the Bicycle card case. (In fact you past

  • Change the color of any card and even the color of the whole deck! Available in either Red or BLUE Gimmicks

  • A spectator selects a playing card and signs it. Then you loose the card in the deck. Turn the first card over and show it back and front. Now you hit the deck with this card and instantly and highly visual the spectator's chosen card appears on top of the deck! The spectator can freely examine his card and it is indeed the original one!Hit the back of...

  • A flawless piece of astonishment art featuring an exquisite method thats as heart stopping as the effect. You write a prediction with a normal sharpie on the clear cellophane of the card case. Tragically, its the wrong card. Everyone stares at the INK on the cellophane.. for a moment nothing happens.. then like some kind of weird dream creature the

  • Available in either Red or BLUE Gimmicks

  • After collaborating with the American magician Paul Harris for INK, and after the success of HOLE, Michael is now pleased to offer this effect ! This collaboration has allowed Michael to develop his ideas differently, to see and think of other methods and stuff. Today we are proud to present ALCATRAZ BOX ! Available in either Red or BLUE Gimmicks  

  • A very clever gimmick for learning the identity of a selected card. Available in either Red or BLUE Gimmicks

  • Once again Mickael Chatelain is offering a curious new experiment! Imagine the passing of matter through matter. A passage so clean that it could be done only by magic! In less time than it takes to write this, you will be able to transform a your deck of cards, your pack of chewing gum, or your pack of cigarettes into a formidable magical prop! Available...

  • A passage of solid through solid - an unfathomable mystery! Available with either red or blue gimmicks

  • The DVD will teach you to easily make the necessary gimmicks to present the 6 routines included on the disk. Follow step by step the making of each effect and how to present each one under real-life conditions. Its a course in magic in your home, a lesson in creativity from the gimmick specialist ! All the necessary raw materials for making the gim

  • Mickael Chatelain and GiMick Magic are delighted to bring you six new effects conceived by Mickael Chatelain. On the heels of the stock-depleting success of the first SIX DVD, we owed it to ourselves to continue this incredible adventure by offering you SIX 2.0. 6 new effects, new tricks youll be able to present publicly. The concept is the same..


Showing 1 - 24 of 36 items