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  • Dancing Golf Club (Iron) by Mikame EFFECT Nothing beats a floating effect in a magic show. The dancing cane is a beautiful routine, which demonstrates the performer? skill and grace. Now, you can impress your audience with your skill and..athletic ability! These are so very light enabling the use of ultra thin thread. Nicely balanced and finished.

  • Ball Con by Mikame Effect A tray, three cups and a ball are shown. The magician places the ball on the center of the tray and covers it with one of the cups. The remaining two cups are placed on each side of the hidden ball. Now, in the classic three shell and pea con the cups are moved around. A spectator from the audience is asked to pick the cup

  • Coin Vanishing Handkerchief by Mikame EFFECT Mikames Coin Hank isnt just for coin magic! Use it for beautiful sleight of hand. This is not a simple Devils Hank either, produce the item right in front of their eyes! Vanish, Produce or Transpose: Balls Cards Cigarettes Thimbles Rings This is a gorgeous utility item which everyone needs! Made of pat

  • Dancing Golf Club (Putter) by Mikame Effect Nothing beats a floating effect in a magic show. The dancing cane is a beautiful routine, which demonstrates the performer? skill and grace. Now, you can impress your audience with your skill and..athletic ability! These are so very light enabling the use of ultra thin thread. Nicely balanced and f


  • Out of an empty hand with the sleeve rolled up, a 60 cm sq silk appears instantly. Reliable and Easy to Perform consistently. Silk Not included!

  • Watch and Bread Box by Mikame Effect An old time piece of apparatus for producing a watch from inside a loaf of bread. The performer borrows a watch and places it in the box. Now, having some fun with audience, he shakes the box from side to side?he watch is still there. He shakes harderattle?attle?attle! The watch must really be getting dama

  • Ukiyo box (Western style) by Mikame Effect The performer shows the drawer to be empty. It is closed and when reopened, it is completely full of paper flowers! The drawer is removed from the box and the flowers dumped out. The totally empty drawer is replaced in the box. When removed, it is again, completely full of flowers! This is a colorful

  • Effect A chosen card is placed into the GHOST CARD FRAME, and the entire frame is covered with a silk. The silk is then removed to reveal the card has vanished. Magician reaches into his pocket and reveals the chosen card and puts it back into the frame. It is covered once more by the silk. The silk is then removed and the frame reveals another car

  • Wait until you see Mikame Crafts Color Vision made of exotic wood! Mikame has manufactured a piece of art youll be glad you have. Show an exotic wood box and lid, also a cube with 6 different colored circles screened on all 6 sides. Ask spectator to put a favorite color on the cube facing up and put the lid on the box. You name their chosen color w

  • Display a beautiful wooden cut-out hand and an accompanying wooden base. Mr. Mikames craftsmanship is unsurpassed to the highest grade of quality. Remove a VIRTUAL cig. lighter from your pocket, have your volunteer touch ANY finger on the hand with the VIRTUAL flame. Yes the magician feels (not really) the hot flame on the EXACT finger t

  • Great Changing Box Satoshi Toyota who has given great impact on the world of magic with the Mystery key holder has brought upon a new magic. Original yet simple the box is made, will be the door to many great tricks. The feature of this box is the form of the box calculated to look if only one deck fits inside. The box is good for use of switch, ch

  • Vegas themed table for all your performances. Beautifully hand crafted with card suites elegantly designed and hand painted with precision. Portable and sturdy. Mikame Craft doesnt disappoint with its craftsmanship. Tabletop Dimension Approximately 14" x 17 1/2" (35.56cm x 44.45cm)

  • A beautifully hand crafted piece! Poker style card decks fit perfectly! Perform the standard weighted Rising Cards, but YOU control when the card RISES! Perform Rising Cards with a standard deck! Uses for the Card Stand include.. Mental Miracles! Guessing A Card! Thread Levitations! Manufactured in old world tradition with a turned wood base. Dimen

  • The smoothest, operating sticks on the market today. Top quality! These unique sticks are longer than most at 16-inches. Even the tassels are long at an impressive 27-inches. Youll have no trouble with visibility using these onstage. A classic of magic. True Mikame Craft workmanship. Youll like the longer stick and tassels.

  • Mr. Mikame never ceases to amaze with his high production values and imaginative magical routines. The changing card case is no exception. Made of hardwood and high gloss stain, this is truly a piece of art. Original yet simple. This changing card case is the door to many great tricks - switches, changes, appearances, and disappearances, mental and

  • To improve a classic is nearly impossible, but Mr. Mikame has done the unimaginable. With a premier collaboration between Mikame Craft Inc and Murphys Magic Supplies Inc, Square Squared is the classic Square Circle, improved for todays working magicians. A Deceptive device with better viewability for the audience and a removable gimmick for a surpr

  • Final Penetration is a phenomenal piece of classical block penetration magic. Nothing has changed much for the Block Penetration routine for years but Mikames Final Penetration is a revival of a solid classic with a modern look and function. This classical piece of magic can now be reset, and the routine repeated without the hassle of setting it up

  • A beautiful wooden table that is used during performance as a prop, then becomes a mind blowing effect. The magician covers the table with a Japanese foulard and both hands are shown to the audience.Magic places his palm down on the Table & it begins to RISE & RISE up in the air! The table then comes to a rest.The magician can freely show h

  • Display an empty tray and put some flash paper on it & paper transforms into spring flowers! Repeat the effect but this time CHANGE the paper into a large bouquet of spring flowers. A repeat production tray. Many more effects possible Can be used to produce silks or sponge balls instead of spring flowers. 13 x 10 x 1 inch thick

  • From the insightful mind of Mr. Mikame comes Cutie Mouse, Animal Magic for everyone! "I am always amused handkerchief mice being performed especially with the fact that it is acted with only handkerchiefs." - Mikame Made with only a handkerchief, this mouse is so cute. Instructions on the handkerchief allows for ease in folding this mouse. The inst

  • When performing production magic using a box on a tabletop, it is nearly impossible to perform this magic routine smoothly and flawlessly. If performing with a large production box in your hands, will be difficult to perform many productions. As well as if the production box is too small, it will limit your choice in items to perform. This Dream Sq

  • What a wonderful effect from Mikame that is both - impressive and beautiful. The magician blows up a balloon and throws the balloon into the air. Then, the magician takes the sword and impales the balloon, exploding a silk to magically appear on the tip of the sword! Next the magician takes the silk from the sword tip, and puts the hilt of the swor

  • Hopping Table (Top only) by Mikame EFFECT Mikame Craft Table Hoppers Dream with a Drawer & Mikame Wand INCLUDED! Perfect weight for quickly moving table to table, yet built sturdy with the Mikame Craft touch of class. The pull out drawer is already customized to hold two separate card decks & two coin loading squares. Also a built in tray

Showing 1 - 24 of 34 items