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  • Spun by Morgan Strebler What would you say if someone told you they could VISUALLY bend a BORROWED COIN in MID-AIR.. without touching it? Impossible. Thats what we said.. Until we saw Morgan do it live for a circle of 100 screaming fans! This is as clean as it gets. The floating coin is as precise and breathtaking as an olympic figure skating rout

  • Liquid Metal Morgan Strebler Everyone has heard stories of unique people who can bend metal through extreme concentration, but nobody seems to know for certain that it happens or if it?s possible.. UNTIL THEY MEET YOU! Youre about to learn the most VISUAL metal bending routine in the world. The routine features 2 FORKS and 6 STUNNING PHASES! Each

  • Taste Conditions by Morgan Strebler This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic! As you begin, have a spectator open a new bottle of water and take a drink. Then, you transform the water to mouthwash INSIDE of their mouth! At the end of the routine, the spectator spits the mouthwash into a cle

  • This new DVD set is Morgan Strebler's latest and most unique work to date. The release is meant to set a record and not intended to be owned by everyone. Only 700 sets will ever be produced worldwide.

  • Mind and movement, a force that constantly shatters you. What if you can cross the barrier of physical reality? Imagine touching a person without ever laying a finger on them. Touched is a collection of Morgan Streblers techniques and his approach to the famous Invisible Touch plot. Morgan Strebler shares his secret on real time touches. The specta

  • What if you have the ability to go back in time and erase your past?From the mind of Morgan Strebler, we present "Never There."

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items