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  • This accessory will allow you to make the appearance of four coins, one by one, in a simple and magical way, without complex technical or unnatural movements.

  • This product is a creation that Nahuel Olivera invented some years ago and believes it is time to finally reveal it to the world...Numbers allows you to force elements in a single action that will make one spectator: freely selects a number between one, two or three.

  • This creation belongs to the Famous Magician Hofzinser Johann Nepomuk (1806-1875)

  • A Great mentalism effect with 15 Cubes and a deck of cards

  • Comes with custom slate, instruction sheet and linen bag.

  • Today, we know many routines about mentalism thanks to books, but for most of them you need a special book.. but thanks to this creation your job will be easier. EFFECT: The magician makes a prediction and asks a spectator to open a page in the book, which says the number page or simply choose one randomly while going quickly through the pages. The

  • Here Nahuel Olivera presents a brilliant, amazing and easy idea.. "HAT - DOVE" is a perfect tool to transform a simple silk into a dove!

  • This is a mentalism game in which the artists makes a prediction regarding one of the six symbols that appear on the dropdown fiberboard you receive to carry on with the routine. Whats really amazing, the spectator chooses LOOSELY any number between 1 and 6 and the symbol which represents the number selected, is the one the artist has in his predic

  • The magician shows a box with a glass inside and one sponge ball out of the glass. Then covers the front of the box with a sketch pad (which has a drawing of the glass in the box). Next the magician takes a marker and draws a red ball inside the glass. When the magician removes the sketch pad from the front of the box the viewers see that the sponge ball...

  • "D" is a dice matrix but with colors. Inexplicably, the colors travel from one end to the other!You get five special dice for this trick.

  • The magician shows an envelope (front and back) and says that there is a double prediction in there.The magician mixes his poker deck (the viewer can also mix the deck), and asks the viewer to separate two cards from the deck. The magician puts these two cards next to the envelope.Then the magician opens the envelope and two cards are inside, which...

  • UP is the ideal accessory to start your card magic routine... You open the box of playing cards, and the cards come out alone! Easy to do!

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items