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  • Patrick Redfords "Prevaricator" is more than a mentalism effect-its a concept that uses no gimmicks or props. Redford shares his diabolical method for detecting a lie, and discovering who is hiding a borrowed object and which hand they are hiding it in. Two spectators are handed an object (say, a crumpled bill) and invited to play a game: one spect

  • Using his original effect Auspicious Coincidence as a jumping off point (Mendacity, 2005), Redford has taken his Any Card at Any Number to a whole new level. Someone names (really) any card, another (really) any number. The performer asks if it would be impressive if that card were found at that number in the deck of cards hes been holding with a d

  • Double feature is the new DVD from the mind of Patrick Redford that combines 2 very strong effects performed with any cell phone. Cellular Oracle- Divine the Past Divine the name of a thought of person recently spoke with by phone and exactly what that person looks like. Then that thought of person is called and a person from your personal phone bo

  • Pentagon boasts five impromptu routines + a few hidden surprises all featuring some of the coolest super powers around. This is the fourth book in the series of five. Contents: Super Hearing - A Sound Phone Call Using super hearing youre able to tell the exact number of coins your subject is shaking in his hand over a phone line. X-Ray Vision - X-R

  • Powerful Mentalism Performable Over the Phone or in Person! As part of a 5 comic book series, Heptagon (preceded By Triangle & followed by Square), is a comic devoted to mentalism over the telephone. This stuff doesnt suffer from your usual transparent mathematical or psychological methodology. Artist Jesse Rubenfelds art is beautiful, the page

  • An Uncanny Demonstration of Subliminal Persuasion "This grid of nine images holds the power to control your mind. You may think that the choices youre about to make are void of influence, but youll be sucked into the infinite inevitable end no matter how free a choice you think youve made." The Infinite End is a utility device that may be used to s

  • Six Impromptu effects that harness time. Patrick Redford Returns with six impromptu effects! Be The First To Have Your Very Own Super Powers On Your Wrist Watch. Heres How.. Need to impress a client over the phone? Ring, Watch, Wallet is an ultra clean location divination that may be performed without asking any questions and may be repeated. Youll

  • "If you want to tell people what cards theyre thinking of under the most strict looking conditions.. you need the Ninja Tossed-Out Deck System." - Patrick G Redford The Tossed-Out Deck System Involves: - No Breathers - No Short Cards - No Long Cards - No Marked Cards - No Deck Switches - No Alterations to the Ca

  • If youre a fan of any card at any number, 51 faces north, or even just simple hard hitting card magic, youll want a taste of Applesauce. This book includes Patricks much sought after secret to his Any Thought of Card at Any Thought of Number (Applesauce) along side twelve other routines that include Mind Reading, The Evolution of a Rain King, Storm

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items