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  • This 15-page booklet gives a full description of the very useful and utilitarian jog shuffle, enhanced by 10 illustrations. Complete with tips, hints and applications. "Why on earth am I writing a book (or, booklet) about a move that any aspiring cardman (cardperson) ought to already know. Well thats the point really. Too many card handlers think t

  • Contains 47 blockbuster impromptu card tricks including the Paul Gordon Diary Trick, Twister and Easy Ace Estimation. Softbound edition, 160 pages.

  • Emulsion Cards by Paul Gordon Effect With minimal sleight-of-hand, eight (regular) antique-looking cards (four red/four black) are used with an "OIL & WATER" patter routine. You start by openly mixing (alternating) the reds and blacks. You then show that the colors have magically separated. (NO awkward/complicated handling!) Finally, the

  • If you want to become a full-time (successful) professional card magician and entertainer, then THIS book is for YOU! Its also a must-read for the budding novice or amateur card magician. The Real Secrets of Card Magic is full of good advice, tips, stories, ideas, opinions, thoughts and much, more! In fact, this book is essential reading for ANY Ma

  • CARD MARVELS contains 54 NEW (or previously unpublished) commercial, impromptu and doable card tricks. 222 jam-packed pages and 150 photographs to aid the already easy-to-read writing. Beautifully produced perfect-bound full-colour cover softback. And this time (due to the quantity of photos), finished in litho top-quality print! Paul truly feels t

  • With minimal sleight-of-hand, four (regular) antique-looking cards are used with a Find The Lady/Monte patter routine. You start with, say, three red spot cards and one black court card. After the great "find the lady style" routine, you end up with three black court cards and just one red spot card! Can be performed strolling or at tables! You sta

  • Paul Gordon is one of the UKs busiest professional close-up card magic entertainers. All the magic he performs is magic from his best-selling books. As a card magic creator, he knows what kind of magic "plays" well for laymen. Well, LIVE IN ACTION is Paul Gordons first "live" DVD set. Watch Paul Gordon thrill, mystify and thoroughly entertain a lay

  • If you thought (think) that Paul Gordons "Corner of Piccadilly" was strong, youve not yet tried "Triple Kick Monte". Its fairly easy to do (standard sleights), easy to reset, can be done standing and ends clean! But, so much magic happens! Its a standard "monte" trick; until the three surprise climaxes occur! Supplied with all the special cards and

  • Professional Card Magic Miracles - 32 fantastic easy to semi-advanced card tricks, 60 quality line illustrations & 125 jam-packed pages. This book is beautifully produced; foil-embossed stitched hardback. 9x6 inches format. CONTENTS Coach House Creation - Hooray For Hawkes - Oddly Effective - The Mahaan Gemini - The Millennium Bug - Whodunit Re

  • This fun UNIQUE and NOVEL packet card trick is easy to do (standard sleights) and beautifully made. Top-quality card stock and printing. Instant reset, too. A three/four-card monte trick is magically performed but ends up with a true Red Herring of a surprise! Those who have seen Pauls recent lectures will remember the fun & laughs derived from

  • This easy(ish) Packet Trick has many phases and climaxes but is fast and entertaining. The final kicker surprise ending is one heck of a surprise. You end clean. Everything can be immediately examined. And, the reset is instant! It can also be performed without a table. The effect is that of a "twisting the aces" style routine but with MUCH more! W

  • Four blue-backed same-faced cards change into four/five different-backed cards, and oh, just try the darned thing and see for yourself how strong it is! Its a very powerful trick for laymen, but also totally FRIES other magicians! A lot of magic happens with so few cards and only requires average card skills.

  • Effect: Five cards are shown to be five duplicates. The cards are turned over to reveal faces on both sides; there are no backs. Then, instantly, five red backs are shown. One card is pocketed; the remaining duplicates are shown to have four totally different back colours. NEW VERSION. Better in every way! Thinner packet, more magical, easy set-up

  • This IS a killer! Jeepers Creepers is the phrase a well-known card magician (J.C Wagner) gulped when I first showed it him. Watch the video to see a royal flush magically appear..and then some! This is a practical strolling trick that packs a heck of a wallop. Regular cards - regular sleights! All can be examined at the end. "Hey Paul; this is a ki

  • LICKED at last! Corner Of Piccadilly meets Triple Kick Monte but easier than both..and NO pocket "ploy!" Just watch the video to see just how darned practical and magical it is. Its a three/four card monte (find the lady) effect with two killer kicker endings. Only uses standard sleights and is examinable at the end.

  • Effect: Four blue-backed Bicycle playing cards are shown to have blank faces. Magically, a four of a kind appears. But, the four of a kind are then magically shown to have four different coloured backs and styles! All cards supplied! Very magical. Easy to do. Standard Sleights. Ends Clean and Instant Reset. Ideal for strolling/walkabout gigs! This

  • Nine red-backed cards are shown to be black-faced (say, black Kings) duplicates. They are mixed (alternately) face up and face down. They magically separate. Using different moves, its repeated! Finally, half the cards are shown to have blank faces (first kicker) and the other half are shown to have four different colour backs. This second kicker i

  • EFFECT: Four cards are shown as having backs on both sides. Then, magically, four duplicate cards appear. Then, magically, the four duplicates change to a four of a kind. All cards supplied! This is a strong worker card trick. You end clean and it can be done strolling. Fast reset, too. Average card handling skills required.

  • TKM Ultra Deluxe is a startling variation of Pauls own Triple Kick Monte. Its a three-card monte effect with three great kicker surprise endings. Whats more, you end totally clean. All can be examined. Pretty easy to do, too. Uses standard sleights. Gold, Cash, Credit & Magic! Its All Here! The cards are near Bicycle quality and are very easy t

  • Based on Pauls own Oil & Water Rainbow which was based on his Royal Flush Scam which itself was based (with permission) on John Bannons Royal Scam. So much magic happens in this eight-card packet trick. The two-phased KILLER kicker klimax is breathtakingly jaw-dropping! Ends clean, too! Eight duplicate same-backed cards magically mix and separa

  • This Four-Card Monte card trick is fun, entertaining and has two great KILLER climaxes. Ideal for standing/strolling - Fast reset - Ends clean Includes 6 cards and instruction sheet.

  • Four 10Ss are shown to have black backs and four 10Hs are shown to have red backs. A quick "oil and water" routine is played out and the kicker is that after one mixed packet becomes red on both sides, the black packet becomes a royal flush but with five very different backs. Ends Clean - Standard Sleights - No Fakes Includes 10 Fantastic-Looking H

  • Using patter about MOVES, MAGIC & MONEY - a bunch of Ace of Spades are mixed face up and face down. They then magically unmix. (And it IS MAGICAL) Then, suddenly, a ROYAL FLUSH appears and if that wasnt enough, one final KICKER really will drop jaws and raise laught! KILLER! Top-Quality Cards Supplied Standard Sleights Used All Can Be Examined

  • Four blue-backed cards magically turn face up, one by one, aided by a "Magic Card". Then all (magically) are shown to have different backs! No Fakes! No extra cards! No switches! No kidding! A very powerful easy-to-do packet card trick. It ends totally clean (all can be examined). It uses regular card sleights, has a fast rest, can done standing an

Showing 1 - 24 of 27 items