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  • Based on Alex Elmsleys "Fate Datebook," the Fortunetellers Book of Days was designed by Paul Green to be performed by any magician without sleight of hand! It is truly easy to learn, with no special skills needed, yet it will astound your audience and leave them thinking you really do have mystical powers!Heres the effect. The performer di

  • In The Trenches by Paul Green Paul Green performs the kind of magic that audiences love, and that youll love performing. With years of experience and thousands of performances under his belt, Paul Greens magic is practical, powerful and memorable. In The Trenches contains: Jeopardy - This is considered to be one of the best presentations of the t

  • The Classic Force has long been considered the fairest and smoothest way of influencing a spectator to unknowingly pick the card YOU want. In this 60-minute action-packed tape, Paul Green breaks down the Classic Force step-by-step, and demonstrates how to make it the most powerful and versatile weapon in your arsenal. Paul reveals sure-fire techn

  • Card Warp Finale by Paul Green Performed at the Magic Castle Magic Castle 2007 Close-up Magician of the Year "In 1973, with a nod of appreciation to Jeff Busby, the innovative mind of Roy Walton introduced CARD WARP to the world of Magic. It too the community by storm. I can still remember the first time I saw Card Warp performed. It took my breath

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items