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  • If it were any more direct, it would be real mindreading! You show a deck of cards completely, front and back. You also show the "Lone Stranger"..a single card, with a different colored back from the deck. The cards are shuffled and openly spread on the table, allowing a spectator to select any card. When the spectators card and the odd card are t

  • WHATS MINE IS MINE fools that pants off of magicians and laymen alike! Its a fun, ultra easy, quickie that you can carry with you all the time! Not to mention its a steal at this low price! You display a small packet of cards and ask that someone touch the back of any card they would like, it is a free selection and they may change their mind

  • You give the spectator a dictionary containing thousands of words and a couple of dice. The directions are simple..A word will be chosen by choice and by chance. The chance consists of rolling the dice to get any random numbers. Then the choice comes into play..the spectator can use those number in several ways. For example if they rolled a 5 and a

  • Give Your Spectator An Impossibility To Keep Two coins and a clear balloon are placed on the table. The magician inflates the balloon while the spectator selects a coin. The balloon is sealed off and the magician now takes a coin and visibly pushes it into the balloon! If thats not enough, the magician now plucks the coin back through the wall of

  • A card is freely selected, signed and then lost in the deck. You squeeze a quarter and it disappears! The deck is spread out to reveal the quarter has reappeared on top of the selected card! You offer to repeat the effect, but this time you ask the spectator to hold their hand on the deck to insure that you can t do anything "tricky". The coin

  • What seems like a simple prediction turns into something more - much more. Three magical moments occur, each getting progressively more impossible. Cleverly constructed to lead the audience down the garden path; then hit them squarely between the eyes with a shovel! WHITE BIKES is a very easy effect to perform and always leaves the audience astonis

  • Double Take is a deceptive double color changing deck routine wows even seasoned magicians. This long time feature, direct from Paul Richards working repertoire is an original and offbeat take on a classic premise of card magic. You display a red back deck of cards. The spectator is asked to select three cards from the deck and each card is removed

  • Two matchboxes are shown and the drawer of one box is opened and they are placed end to end. When the drawer is pushed shut, the drawer of the other box opens! The boxes are held in several different ways, each more baffling than the time before, and the drawers still open and close! The boxes defy the laws of nature in an incredibly magical manner. The...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items