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  • This routine starts with a transposition between a regular card and a blank card, but ends with a finish that those who have seen it describe as NOT POSSIBLE! A card with a HOLE changes place with a blank card! Trick comes complete with necessary cars and illustrated instructions.

  • You shuffle a deck, place it on the table and invite a spectator to cut it. You bring out a packet of four cards and proceed to tell a story about going to a magic shop and wanting to buy a trick. A joker is turned over, then sent to the bottom. It rises to the top. You continue to place the Joker at the bottom, but it continues to rise to the to

  • A diabolical three phase routine. Four Kings change places one at a time with four blank cards. The transposition is repeated only this time it occurs instantly. Finally, the four kings disappear altogether and ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK! set includes all necessary cards

  • I remember when I first saw this. I remember liking it..a lot. So much in fact that ELMWOOD MAGIC purchased the world manufacturing rights from Peter Duffie! This may be one of the most direct and powerful effects you can perform with a deck of cards! Heres the effect.. You bring out a deck of cards. And ask the spectator to think of any card.

  • Five Times Five - Scotland written by Peter Duffie

  • Duffie On Disc: The Best Of Peter Duffie (CD-ROM) Spawned from legendary magicians, carried through time by exaggeration and understatement, its historys treasure chest evolved! Throw hell to the wind and invite the storm full force! As the sky cracks down the center, you stand prepared open mind in hand! Sure, green fields and endless blue sky, bu

  • The Taking by Peter Duffie & Aldo Colombini ITS A MIND BOGGLER! MIND BUSTER! MIND BENDER! YOU NAME IT, THIS IS IT! Effect You show two packets of cards containing red-backed and blue-backed cards (all with blank faces). Two spectators each lay out pairs of cards from the two freely shuffled packets. Despite any constraints, you have accurately

  • From the Introduction by Roy Walton: "I am delighted to write some words of introduction to this major work on card magic by Peter Duffie. I have known the author since he was at school and over the years have seen his conjuring abilities progress at an astonishing rate. While his ideas cover the whole spectrum of magic, he excels when addressing h

  • Nearly 20 years in the making but now printed. The reviewers in Genii and Magic gave the book the best reviews I have ever had for any book I have ever published. Here are just a few of the comments from those who have written lengthy tributes to Fred and his contribution to magic. "I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of

  • "The minute I saw Phantom of the Wallet I purchased one. What a simply clever solution for Signed Card to Wallet!" - David Regal A spectator selects a card, signs his name on it, after which the card is lost back in the deck. He is shown two blank cards. These, you state, are special printing plates that only spirits can write upon. The printing pl

  • You show eight cards that are blank on both sides and four regular playing cards (say the four of kings). You also place a folded handkerchief on the table. The spectator sandwiches each playing card between two blanks. The playing cards become all blank on both sides! At the end, the four cards appear under the handkerchief!

  • A spectator shuffles a packet of cards and the magician places two predictions in front of two spectators. Each selects a card while the cards are in their hands and they match the predictions! Finally, all the other cards are blank! Everything can be examined. So easy.. great magic! Complete with cards and predictions.

  • Here are three more miracles from the creative mind of Peter Duffie. You will find the necessary cards for two of these routines included in the booklet. You will use regular cards from your deck to present the third routine. Study the effects with great care and youll have three amazing miracles to present to your audiences! Includes STAR-STRUCK,

  • You show two packets of cards. The packets are assembled underneath a handkerchief and one packet vanishes completely. You show the remaining cards SINGLY. The cards area really gone. Everyone thinks that the cards have been left under the handkerchief and under it a single card appears revealing a message (any message, BOO, GONE, etc.., even you

  • The Performer shows four-of-a-kind , say the four Kings, and lays them in a face-down row on the table. Twelve blank-faced cards are shown and a spectator deals three cards onto any King (free choice). The spectator deals the remaining nine blank cards so that there are three face-up cards on each remaining King. The performer picks up each packet in turn...

  • A blank-faced card (aka the Universal Card) takes on the image of cards selected from a deck. This version happens away from the deck, and has a punch finish when writing appears on the Universal Card, stating, "Look in the Envelope!"Inside an envelope is a duplicate of the final selection.

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items