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  • The spectator freely selects a card from the deck, memorizes it, and returns the card back into the pack. The magician concentrates on the spectators card, and removes ONE card from the deck, and places it face down on the table. It really would be a masterpiece if THAT card would be the freely selected card from the spectator.. Next, the tabled

  • Peters card magic is extremely visual, and guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience. If you are into card magic, then this is definitely something for you. Simple, strong and visual magic! Peter welcomes you aboard on the R.M.S Titanic, where he performs some of his most devastating card routines, in front of live passengers. Routines

  • A.E. 2.0 by Peter Eggink Effect The magician borrows a bill from the spectator. The bill is folded in half, and a pen or pencil is placed in the fold. Instantly and visually, the pencil penetrates through the bill, but this time the pencil melts through in slow motion! This is so visual, its like watching a special effect in a movie! Of course, bot

  • City Of Angels by Peter Eggink Effect A spectator is asked to select a card from the pack. You point out the angels on the back of their card as you patter about the spectators belief in angels: "some people think angels are all around us, others do not believe in angels and cannot see them". The selection is placed on the table and isolated under

  • Heatwave by Peter Eggink Effect A spectator selects a card, memorizes it and shuffles it back into the pack. The magician explains that the spectators card will rise up through the deck and it arrives at the top. When the top card is revealed it appears to be the wrong card. Next, thhe magicain takes out a lighter, lights it, and holds it under the

  • Finally available on DVD! Powerful Close-up magic from the creative mind of Peter Eggink ! With his new, fresh and exiting Ideas, Peter creates visual and eye popping Close-up magic, which is endorsed and used by magicians worldwide. Full presentation and explanation of: Artificial Experience, Transferred, 3 Fry, Meltchange and Pull off signatur

  • Tricky Business by Peter Eggink From the creator of the smash hits "Outcased" and "Exit", comes "Tricky Business"- Peter Egginks best kept secret in commercial card magic! Effect A spectator freely selects a card (NO force), and signs it across the face. The card is then shuffled back into the pack. Next, the magician introduces some business/addre

  • Knock Out v2.0 (Includes Cards) by Peter Eggink The professional TRIPLE signed card to impossible location! Effect Three freely selected, signed cards, are revealed in the most unbelievable manner. Knock Out v2.0 will hit them like the proverbial freight train! Comes complete with instructional DVD with bonus handlings and tips, and specially cons

  • PURE by Peter Eggink Peter Egginks name is well known in the field of magic, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects. Pure contains material that has been part of Peters professional repertoire for over 10 years. Real workers for real people in real situations, this is practic

  • Lottery Card by Peter Eggink 100% guaranteed wining chance with "Lottery Card"! Effect A spectator is asked to participate in a little "gambling test" to see if he or she has a "Hot Hand" or a sixth sense for winning if you will. The magicians shows a deck of cards, and the spectator is asked to select a card. Lets assume the spectator chooses the

  • Copy Cash by Peter Eggink and JB Magic COPY CASH the ONLY EXAMINABLE, TRIPLE CHANGING MONEY TRICK. Effect A regular piece of blank paper is folded in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighths. Without any moves, sleights, thumb tips etc the blank piece of paper VISUALLY turns into a $20 bill. The $20 is unfolded and shown on BOTH SIDE

  • Prophecy (Blue) by Peter Eggink Imagine a "Signed card to impossible location" routine SO practical, SO visual, and SO clever that youll HAVE to perform this brilliant effect EVERY single day! Well, imagine no more! Effect A Red backed prediction card is shown folded in quarters, wrapped underneath a rubber band around the card case. The "Predictio

  • From the creative mind of Peter Eggink comes the cleanest signed card to card case! Imagine the following: ANY card is selected and signed by the spectator. Next, you show the card case to be completely empty (it REALLY is empty) and is placed in between the hands of the spectator. Suddenly the signed card visually disappears, only to be found INSI

  • Insight uses a brand new concept that will make you smile. Comes complete with a full training DVD, hand build gimmick on Bicycle stock and everything else you'll need to perform this stunning effect. Use your own deck of Bicycle cards. Gaff available in Red or Blue

  • This AMAZING routine from the creative mind of Peter Eggink is eye candy of the highest calibre. "Breakout" is an amazing closer for your ACR, or just great as a stand alone effect.

  • The Master Method for the Borrowed Ring on Neck Chain. For those who need FLAWLESS HANDS-OFF PERFECTION. A borrowed ring is held in your fist. A spectator lays her hand on your chest. With SLEEVES ROLLED UP, her ring COMPLETELY VANISHES. It is GENUINELY GONE! Immediately- the SPECTATOR FEELS SOMETHING appear beneath your shirt. You NEVER touch the

  • Peter Eggink started it all with his wildly popular "Haunted". Mark Traversoni then experimented for literally hundreds of hours with the concept to evolve it into this final tribute to Peter's creation.

  • At any time with your normal deck (or business cards) you punch a hole right through the signed selection so the spectator can keep their "lucky card" on their key ring..but the hole was punched on the "wrong" end of the card..slowly and visually the hole animates all by itself across the card until it arrives on its final destination: the other en

  • A precision engineered mint box becomes your secret weapon! Here are some KILLER routines that can be done with "Mintalist": Mintal Connection: At any time you take out your mint box and ask your spectator to pour out ANY amount of mints in her hand BEHIND her back..Instantly you tell her the EXACT amount of mints taken! If you want, you


  • Vanish the Angel in SLOW-MOTION! MAGICALLY and SLOWLY the little angel on the back of a freely chosen card VISUALLY FADES AWAY..only to completely DISAPPEAR leaving just an EMPTY space! But when the mist has cleared..the little angel has safely made his re-appearance on the selected card in an impossible way which can now be given out as a souvenir

  • PERMANENTLY WATERMARK A BORROWED BILL! A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your spectator and with a lighter you start to heat up their bill...slowly a watermark seems to materialize in the fibers of the actual watermark of the suite and number from their chosen card is slowly and magically...

  • ALWAYS be ready to Astonish.. "Phantom" is a specially engendered utility gimmick that youll carry with you everywhere you go. This new secret weapon allows you to perform killer effects such as the "Haunted Deck" and "Rising Card" like NEVER before. Use ANY deck, ANY time at ANY place, WITHOUT gimmicked cards, Sleight of hand, etc. Perform authent

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