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  • Buzz Saw Card by Petrick & Mia Effect At anytime during his show, the performer displays a deck of Bicycle cards, removes one and then visually "saws" it through the remainder of the deck, visibly melting through the rest of the cards!Comes complete with the specially-prepared Bicycle deck and detailed instructions.

  • Nesting Bags by Petrick & Mia A ring is borrowed from a spectator and dropped into a clear glass. A piece of paper is then shown and a cloth bag is given to the spectator to hold. The piece of paper is placed on spectators palm and the ring is dumped out of the glass onto the paper. The paper is then wrapped into a small bundle around the ring

  • Ten tricks that are short and powerful, the gimmicks are included in an envelope stapled to the last page. Its like getting ten tricks in one! Volume 2 Petricks Magic Glasses Clever Card Force The Bent Card Control Reverse Color Change Impossible Color Change Clipped Blind Energy The Coin Down Under

  • Even if you couldnt catch Petrick & Mia s One Minute Miracles lecture in person, you can still get the notes! Contains: Spirit Card Rhapsody in Red and Blue Selected Card Color-Change Elevator Card Petricks Pop-Off Pip Petricks Two Card Interlude The Magic Eye Box The Third Eye ESP Deck Petricks Hidden Secret Coi

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items