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  • A Host of Surprises by Rachel Colombini Rachel Colombinis first DVD filled with Card magic, close-up, parlor and stage; tricks for everyone! Included is a special guest appearance by FANTASIO. Here are the routines: ZODIAC CODE (Rachel & Aldo Colombini): You show seven glasses covered with colored bags. One card and one glass are selected. Th

  • Against All Odds by Rachel Colombini This is the second DVD featuring Rachel Colombini. Includes a special guest appearance by the one and only: PATRICK PAGE. This is great magic and easy to do. Here are the routines: SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED (Rachel Colombini): A torn and restored card routine that will floor your audience. AGAINST ALL ODDS

  • Whats Your Sign? by Rachel Colombini Effect From an idea by Tom Sellers. An effect which must give the impression that you are a genuine mind-reader! You show a chart comprising of different symbols as per the picture enclosed. A spectator simply THINKS of any one of the symbols and you then divine the thought-of symbol! Not only that, you show tha

  • Words of Wisdom by Rachel Colombini An incredible "Book Test" routine from an original idea by MAURICE FOGEL. You toss ANY book to the audience and ask a spectator to open it at ANY page (no force whatsoever). You then ask him to concentrate on his chosen color and you reveal the first three words of that page. Can be repeated over and over again.

  • Wild About Harry! by Rachel Colombini Magic with a Young Wizard Theme! b Baffling Book - A wonderful book test using Harrys book! Thru the Wall - A solid wall is shown. Suddenly a hole appears in the wall! Owl Mail - The white owls deliver a special greeting! Floating Feather - A feather magically floats on an open book! Sorcerers Stone - A routine

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items