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  • At long last the secrets of creating Comedy and Magic are revealed! Rich Marotta is a Comedy Club Headliner with over 20 years of experience and 2000 performances in over 200 venues. Rich imparts all of his professional tips and information to assist you in adding comedy to your magic. On this hilarious and magical 3-volume set of videos, youll le

  • Flip! by Rich Marotta Effect the trick that jumps off the page! Have a card selected from a shuffled deck. Bring out a small pad of blank paper, the prediction pad. As you flip through the prediction pad, an image of the selected card slowly materializes. In a blink, the miniature image of the selected card jumps right off the page and into the spe

  • Marked Prediction by Rich Marotta Effect Rich Marotta, comedy magician exrordinare, has taken the classic 52on-One card to dizzying new heights. This is a complete routine that gets big laughs, plays at any size venue, and fools the heck out of them. Plus, it s extremely easy to do! The performer asks a spectator to call out any card. Once done,

  • The magician shows a quarter sticking to his forehead.Seems easy to do, but when he removes it and hands it to the spectator they see a nail sticking out of the quarter.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items