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  • Back 2 Front (With DVD) by Richard James This is one of Richards personal favorite. Its strong, Powerful Magic at its very best, as the magic happens in THEIR hands to everyones total amazement! Highly visual, very easy to perform and never fails! Effect A spectator selects a card from the deck. The card is shown front and back and placed in the

  • Linked (w/ DVD) by Richard James Effect The spectator selects a card. You RIP out the center of the card. The spectator writes their initials on the center piece and keeps it. Take any wine or champagne glass and slam the card at the glass. The card Links onto the stem! You can see it spinning round. The spectator holds the top and bottom of the gl

  • Cutting Edge by Richard James Visually slice a card DEEP into your arm! Effect A card is selected and signed across the face. Take the card and visibly slice it DEEP into your arm! The card is examined before and after you slice it through.Highly visual and easy to perform! Wait for the screams! Richard James is revealing his secrets of th

  • Visibly push two borrowed and signed notes right through each other. Available in UK, US or Euro Currencies 

  • A chosen, signed card visually vanishes in an instant to appear in an impossible location! Available in Red or Blue

  • Comes complete with RED or BLUE gimmick and full instructional DVD. Running Time Approximately: 26mins

  • "The most visual card switch ever invented."Richard James brings you his range of Mind Blowing Magic. Available in Red or Blue

  • The spectator selects a card, remembers it and places it out of view. A second spectator also selects a card and remembers it. With your hands in FULL view, the first spectator takes any lighter. You could use a candle or anything with a flame! Now pinch your thumb and finger together in the flame whilst the spectator thinks of their card. A BLISTE

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items