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  • Break The Habit by Rodger Lovins The very best Torn & Restored Cigarette you will EVER perform! Effect The magician displays a cigarette and says he is trying to break the habit. He proceeds to break the cigarette into several pieces and drops them into his hand. A little magical gesture and the hand is opened to reveal a perfectly restored cig

  • Play Time by Rodger Lovins PLAY TIME WAS A COMPLETE SELL-OUT AT THE S.A.M. CONVENTION IN LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY!!! "Rodger Lovins has done it once again! He has created a piece of magic that is a real stunner! When Rodger sent me a copy of his new idea, I knew right away that PLAY TIME would be another success in a long line of ideas coming from thi

  • Trapped by Rodger Lovins Effect The magician has a card selected and signed. He then places the signed card into the center of the deck. He picks up two blank playing cards of a different color to the color of the deck, and places one blank on top and the other on the bottom of the deck. He gives the deck a quick jerk allowing all of the playing ca

  • Ultimate Coin Purse by Rodger Lovins The Ultimate Coin Purse is a utility device designed with the magical performer in mind. It has several uses and is a very versatile prop. The uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse are endless! It is a switching device, change purse, and chop purse all rolled into one! I am confident you will find many uses for the U

  • The magician places a ball inside of a salt shaker. He covers the shaker with a napkin. Upon removing the napkin from the shaker, the ball has vanished and is found inside of the magicians pocket. The Magician then places the ball back inside of the shaker. Once again the shaker is covered with the napkin. He gives it a little shake and the ball dr

  • Talking Deck by Rodger Lovins This effect is pure genius! Rodger Lovins has done it again! Everyone is talking about his Talking Deck! One spectator chooses a card from a shuffled deck of playing cards, and a second spectator reveals the chosen card in a very unusual way. Now this is MAGIC! Effect The magician has someone choose a playing card, loo

  • Breather by Rodger Lovins THE ULTIMATE CARD CONTROL GIMMICK! Never leave home without putting a little something EXTRA in your deck of cards! Effect The Magician shuffles the deck of cards and places them on the table. He tells the spectator that they are going to play a little game of HIGH CARD. He tells the spectator that each of them will take t

  • Calling Card Extra by Rodger Lovins Effect The magician has a card selected and noted and placed on top of the deck. The card changes to a blank card. The spectator holds the blank up near their face. The magician takes a photo of the spectator holding the blank card when the camera is shown to the spectator, the photo is of them holding the select

  • Tap It by Rodger Lovins This effect is not new. However this is the routine that Rodger uses, where the dime is signed and changes places with the penny! Effect The magician has the spectator sign their initials on the dime and he is seen to place it into his pocket. The penny is placed into the spectators hand. When the magician taps the penny wit

  • My Card by Rodger Lovins "ONE OF THE VERY BEST BUSINESS CARD EFFECTS I HAVE EVER PERFORMED!" THEY WILL SAY "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" YOU WILL SAY "HERES MY CARD, CALL ME FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT." Effect The magician shows the spectator his business card. He tells them, "Printed on the reverse is a prediction." He has the spectator choose a playing card fr

  • Toasted by Rodger Lovins This effect is startling and unexpected. The method is ingenious. Yet it is easy to perform, can be repeated and your spectators will be blown away! This is not just another rising card trick. This is magic! Effect The Magician has a card selected and signed. The spectator places their card into the center of the deck. The

  • Jokers Wild by Rodger Lovins Effect Any playing card is selected and signed, returned to the deck and the cards are shuffled, cut and placed face down on the table. The performer tells the spectator that their signed card is now on the bottom of the shuffled deck of cards. The deck is turned face up to reveal the bottom card is the Joker. At this t

  • You have a card selected from the deck. Telling your spectator that on the back of your business card, sealed in plastic, is a drawing of a stick man magician. You tell them that the stick man has made a prediction of the card being selected. Impossible, they will think! Upon turning the card over, it is found that the stickmans prediction is wrong

  • The performer pulls his pants pocket inside out. He tells the spectators that, when he was young, his mother would sew his pockets with invisible thread. He pretends to thread a needle and sew his pocket. As he does this, the pocket is seen to rise up without any visible means whatsoever! You must see this one! Full routine and instructions on DVD.

  • Refll for Rodger Lovins Stick Man Magic Trick. Comes with 10 extra cards and 1 Gimmick.

  • This is a limited offering. Only 400 sets available! These Pearl White and Brown Jigged Bone magicians knives are some of the very best ever produced! They were custom designed by magicians for magicians and quality built to last. Each knife has 3 highly polished stainless steel blades. They are fitted with solid brass liners and pins and real nick

  • COGNITION - [The mental process of knowing] "This is one of the easiest mind reading, card effects You will ever use! Everyone loves Card Cognition."

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