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  • With Your trusty pack, a few business cards and a pen, you show your audience how it feels to go back in time! This effect is constructed from remarkably economical combination of the ambitious card, oil and water, and triumph, each one fine-tuned to strengthen the other.

  • This short but sneaky version of the Cups and Balls is a good way to get acquainted with the essential handling and presenting of this classic of magic. Although the following is designed as an introduction to Cups and Balls for the student of magic, it is a complete and audience tested performance piece as well. Ron Bauer has used this act since

  • From the man who wants close-up magic to be as easy as stage magic! You can make any deck of cards, yours or borrowed, appear to be a deviously designed device! A trick deck! Close inspection by the untrained eyes of your spectators reveals nothing, but you prove your claim by causing the deck to visibly find a freely selected card. A very deceptiv

  • Learn to "think like a conjurer," and entertain your audiences! Using any deck of cards, you introduce and assist your "chick," the cutest, sneakiest card-finding fowl ever with lots of action, laughs, and a stunning payoff. You get the detailed, fully-illustrated 20-page booklet, necessary gimmick and high-quality, imported metal chick.

  • In addition to being a delightfully direct discovery of a thought of card, this is the ideal way to learn to understand and master the basic principles of "outs" without the usual hazards. Milt Kort invariably used this stunt to secretly reveal the sophistication (if any) of strangers before trying riskier stuff. Use any deck; any time.

  • From the man who will tip his hat, but not his thumb! The old "dollar bill stunt" of folding and unfolding a dollar bill to turn it upside-down gets surrealistic when the magician defies certain secret rules of Origami, which temporarily turns the carefully creased currency inside-out! BONUS: Features Mike Powers Inverted Bill, so you dont need a M

  • This is a comprehensive depiction of Don Alans theories, handling, and presentation of the Chop Cup. Its his way of doing it, not merely a replication of a single performance. THE REAL WORK on how Don loaded, got the laughs and set up for doing his classic routine. This is the first time all the subtle work has been published. The 28 pages, with

  • From the man who believes in waxing poetic will make a packet trick worth something! The tragic tale of a gambler who outwitted several envious magicians who dealt him a Poker hand with backs on all sides! What happened next must be told! Learn how to coordinate presentation and misdirection for maximum audience reaction. And, find out how to avoid

  • From the man who carries counterfeit confederate money! Using faux antique keepsakes of the Confederacy, three "Dixie cups" and a completely worthless $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+ bill, you demonstrate the last practical use for Confederate money. Then, depending, on the kindness of strangers, you reveal the True Treasure of the Old South. 24-pa

  • From the man who has left his ring in more than three-hundred restrooms! You cant rid yourself of that ring! It vanishes from a volunteers hand, and invisibly returns to your finger! Or does it? Even under "test conditions" it happens again! Learn the subtle secret of using one method to throw the audience off the scent of the next. 16-page stapleb

  • From the man whos overconfident enough to be easy prey for any short con! This is an entertaining way to show off your "sure-fire defense against short-change artists." First you take in an innocent bystander by showing him how you were once hornswoggled. Then, when you insist on gloating, he gets his revenge and youre hornswoggled again! 20-page s

  • Heres a visually magical and hilarious opening stunt in which the performer uses colors to "psychologically evaluate" the audience. This ultra-clean handling of Al Bakers streamlined Sympathetic Silks plays big for any size crowd, but it is small enough to carry in your pocket! Staplebound, 16 pages.

  • From the man whos proud to get in touch with your feminine side! The procedures for this novel item divulge how misdirection, through shrewd subtlety, can alter an audiences perception of sleight-of-hand, making it appear to be completely natural actions. It also demonstrates how topical references can make a card trick seem relevant. Uses any deck

  • From the man who cant tell the difference between the name of the card trick and a weather forecast! Due to the willingness of certain spiteful spectators to take advantage of their magician, you illustrate the value of your magic teachers admonition that its always wiser to cut the cards instead of classes. Learn how to turn Ed Marlos Convincing C

  • From the man who cant let the classics rest in peace! Two feckless fellows fearlessly set out to become the heroes of the classic Thieves and Sheep tale. Despite several setbacks, they succedd, but with justifiably unexpected consequences. Could this be a magical morality play? Nah! Learn the right and wrong times to borrow items from audience memb

  • From the man whos ancestor almost invented 3-Card Monte..he was just one card off! This handling and presentation of the "The Gypsy Curse" is so clean and sharp, theres no warning of the sudden and startling outcome! Learn several techniques of powerful direction and misdirection that completely conceal the sleight-of-hand. 16-page staplebound book

  • From the man who collects despite his unfortunate situation! Now you can give the impression to your audiences that the props you use, at least for one trick, are worth something! This witty presentation and baffling handling of the Miller-Malini Egg Bag is loaded with laughs, surprised, and mystery! This Booklet Contains 36 pages of detailed

  • Ron Bauer Series: #21 - Brother Hammans Final(ly) Aces by Ron Bauer From the man who often prefers the other guys high cards! Finally, a Four Ace Trick becomes an absolutely entertaining and intriguing Poker Deal Trick. How? By using it to show how a cunning magician will always overcome a cheating card hustler. And, guess who gets to play BOTH ROL

  • Jim Bergstroms Hat Trick #22 by Ron Bauer Heres another treat for your audiences! Ron Bauer has just released #22 in his Private Studies series, "Jim Bergstroms Hat Trick." Its an innovative, colorful comedy version of the Torn Tissue Papers to Hat thats a worthy feature effect for any close-up and stand-up adult audience. (Its not a kids trick

  • From the man who made an unfortunate purchase! Due to a manufacturing defect (accidental or deliberate), some handkerchiefs wont knot for right-handers. How can you recognize one of these radical rags? Well, unless you know how, it will only submit to left-handed tying! Pocket-ready for close-up or stage work. 28-page staplebound booklet.

  • From the man who believes that he can actually get something for nothing! Has Xerox secretly invented paper that copies without a machine? And, is it so good that you can print your own money? It sure will look like it when you illustrate the consequences of crossing Technology with Petty Larceny and Unabashed Greed. Theres even a moral to the st

  • From the man who claims credit for spicy peanut butter! Heres your chance to become an instant psychoanalyst! All you need is a deck of cards, a pad of paper, scissors, and this book! (A willingness to make outrageously ridiculous claims in public helps, too!) This was a favorite of Chicagos sardonic sorcerer, Clarke "The Senator" Crandall, and i

  • From the man who needs to carry three lucky coins! A whimsical rationalization for carrying three half-dollars. With them, you win an intellectual battle with your audience by using repetition against them! (Of course, you dont reveal theres a battle until you prevail!) Learn how to build to a climax and set-up the payoff so it comes as a complete

  • Series of Performance Artist Scripts for Magicians Excerpt from the book by Ron Bauer: In the viewpoint of the entertainment industry, the conventional magic performance is "show and tell." There is no drama. The comedy is forced. The mystery isnt how, its why! To them, the only magic that has any general appeal is spectacle. But, most magicians do

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