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  • By Darkness Influenced by KOTAH and Ronald J. Dayton A unique and varied collection of magic, this 121-page book is best described by the following excerpt from the books Foreword: .. Though oceans of material flood from Mr. Daytons prolific mind, the magical ideas he puts forth are always sound in method and straightforward in application. With hi

  • Brainstorm In My Pajamas by Ron Dayton Ronald Daytons newest book, "Brainstorm In My Pajamas" a humorous title for one heck of an idea book. Ron Dayton is one of the most prolific mind in magic, and his alter ego- KOTAH as been popular on the bizarre scene for years as well. Well, Ron has compiled a series of ideas, tricks, improvements for his cre

  • The Dayton Wallet by Ron Dayton Effect Attention all Wallet Collectors and performers who have come to know Ron for quality and simplicity of thinking! Announcing the Dayton Wallet Workshop!!! For sometime this simple but clever idea was shared with a select few subscribers to Oracle Magazine. Now, in new forma, Ron shares for the first time with t

  • Jammed packed of create and interesting rope ideas, routines and methods that will be new to many of you!

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items