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  • THE WELCOME MAT - An introduction to Ross Bertrams amazing innovation in a performing surface for close-up magic. After witnessing an amazing demonstration of its possibilities, youll learn its diabolical secret, how to make it and how to utilize it. Then, youll be treated to performances and explanations of how to use the Welcome Mat for the Cut

  • MAGIC AND METHODS OF ROSS BERTRAM - This segment features Ross Bertram performing and teaching many of the classic effects originally featured in his classic book, Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram. Performed and explained are: My Favorite Drink - Broken & Restored Cigarette - Coin Through Hand - Coin Penetrates Glass - Broken & Resto

  • Bertram On Sleight Of Hand by Ross Bertram If you were to epitomize the sleight of hand of Ross Bertram in one word, it would be natural. No phony moves, no jerky motions, no changes in hands, eyes, or voice. In this, Bertrams second book, you will learn the true art of sleight of hand magic from one who can only be called an artist.

  • Magic and Methods by Ross Bertram Effect The first two chapters contain 31 excellent coin tricks and additional material. The third chapter contains 8 brilliant card tricks. The fourth chapter contains 6 expert gambling sleights and other information. The fifth chapter contains: The Salt Trick * The Broken and Restored Cigarette (5 versions!) * T

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items