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  • Welcome to Bold! Bold is a collection of off the wall effects by UK magician Rus Andrews. Rus works day in day out in bars and nightclubs, so he has developed a repertoire of working routines that pack a punch and are very simple to understand and follow. This isnt to say that he has compromised on the tricks, in fact the effects are stronger, with

  • A prediction is made and untouched from start to finish. The spectator is asked to think of a card. All done in their own mind without the use of any decks or extra props. They then change their mind so it is even more impossible for you to know their thoughts. After making a few decisions and having one card in mind they name the chosen card. You

  • Trauma is a blank card effect with a crazy, twist ending. Imagine showing a spectator four blank cards. One of these cards is placed away in a back pocket by the spectator. You then ask the spectator to imagine that these four, blank cards were Queens, for example, and then to name which Queen appeals to them the most. After a moment, the three rem

  • Numbers is a great twist on the ACAAN plot. Imagine placing a prediction, openly in front of your spectator, and handing them a deck of cards. You then ask the spectator to create a 2 digit number? After the spectator has checked that the deck is a normal shuffled deck you ask them to deal down to the number they have chosen. The card they deal to

  • Evolution is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect. Imagine being able to take an empty beer bottle from a random table in a bar or nightclub, then taking any bottle cap, perhaps from behind the bar or from another drink.. Have the spectator sign the cap and then, visually, whilst the spectator is holding the bottle; penetrate

  • Imagine telling a Spectator that, with their help, you are going to create the perfect coincidence. You hand a small envelope to the Spectator and ask them to put it somewhere safe; perhaps in their pocket. You then give half of a deck of cards to the Spectator and ask them to hold them in their hands and to put their hands behind their back. With

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items