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  • This booklet contains over 200 jokes, cartoons, gags, visual stunts, and one-liners custom made for magicians and mentalists. These special hints and comedic gems will tighten up your act and make your next performance a barrel of laughs!

  • Sharp-Ring by Patrik Kuffs Effect "I now use it everytime I work and it is a great routine. If you ever work with me ask me for a demo, I will always have it on me. Great thinking." - Martin Sanderson Imagine this! You borrow a finger ring from the spectator. You take out your sharpie and write them an IOU on a piece of paper which is then crumpled

  • Over 250 jokes, cartoons, gags, visual stunts and one-liners especially for magicians and mentalists! I have a deck of 52 cards. I counted them in front of a mirror to make sure I didnt cheat! To me, the best definition of an optimist is a mime with a pager. When I die, I want to be cremated. Its even in my contract that 10% of my ashes will go to

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items