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  • ReCard Monte is an in the hands, multi-phase Monte routine with a kicker ending.

  • The magician riffles the deck to allow the a spectator to think of a card within the deck. The deck is shuffled and handed to a second spectator who begins dealing the cards face down one at a time until they want to stop. The card they stop at is the thought of card. The use of this subterfuge allows for very clean predictions and revelations.

  • The Trojan Horse is a genius utility playing card gimmick that will allow you to: Transpose a selection, card, bill or billet. Change the face or back of a selected card. Quick, easy and powerful mentalism routines. Produce currency or small objects!Place a selection, very fairly, in between the two jokers. And with no funny moves the card vanishes only...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items