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  • A Miner Miracle by Terry LaGerould Effect A miniature shovel loaded with grains of coal is dumped into the performer s hand. The loose coal is given a good squeeze and when the magical miner opens his hand the coal is seen to have been converted into a diamond in the rough.

  • The NOTHING Box by Terry LaGerould Effect Try to imagine what is inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you can hear something inside. Perhaps its a ring or a coin. You look inside the box and the only thing you see is NOTHING! This is so easy to do yet baffles even experienced magicians. Can be used for countless other effects, including t

  • Sessions With Terry LaGerould #1 Close-Up entertainer extraordinaire for major casinos for over 25 years - over 100,000 live performances and counting! Those who know him dub him the King of Presentation. His unique and distinctive style will compel you to watch his performances over and over! These extremely entertaining routines selected from his

  • Double Impact by Terry LaGerould Effect The performer repeatedly reveals cards merely thought of from his playing card collection. Terry LaGerould has been showing Double Impact for over 25 years. This unique double-forcing deck renders a powerful mental routine. Comes complete with 18 pairs of cards and instruction sheet.

  • Die-Liriious by Terry LaGerould This dice routine was a feature in Terrys act while he was at Cesars Tahoe. It is his take on the Sach routine using one inch dice. These are large dice, larger than casino dice. It contains the most unique climax ever for the Sachs routine. Included are seven unique die changes called Die-Ametricks that can be used

  • Baffle Bat by Terry LaGerould This is the ultimate paddle mystery! Effect Spots magically appear, disappear, multiply, and jump from one end of the Baffle Bat to the other! The possibilities are endless! Comes complete with Baffle Bat, spots and instruction sheet.

  • Terry LaGeroulds Celebrity Autographs is a straight forward signed card to wallet effect that you must add to your repertoire. This genuine brown leather wallet will be mistaken for any high quality branded wallet. Fitted with soft suede interior, it feels amazing to the touch. Aside from the quality crafted wallet, Celebrity Autographs signed card

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items