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  • Sucker Punch by Thom Peterson Magic that will knock the wind out of your audience! 9 Great Sneak Attacks To Daze And Amaze! Lemonade Racket: A great stand-up piece where you produce a lemon, a full glass of lemonade, and then a bottle of hard lemonade. Biff! Bam! Pow! Pocket Lint: Pocket lint grows into your missing sock, then out of the sock falls

  • Snap Shot by Thom Peterson A True "No Camera" Trick Effect A card is looked at and remembered. Three Pieces of "photographic paper" (which bear an uncanny resemblance to double-black cards) are introduced. One of the three pieces of photo paper are chosen by the spectator and signed on the back. The signed paper is then inserted between the oth

  • Casino Cut Card by Thom Peterson More fun than a barrel of Pit Bosses! (If thats what youre into) Effect The Magician shows cut card. A cut card (you explain) is used to determine where to cut a deck of cards in blackjack. Three selections are made. One by One, the casino cut card turns into each of the spectators selections. Looking cooler! Lastly

  • Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage This is one of the worlds busiest magicians captured at his very best. A unique blend of comedy, magic and commercial entertainment, Thom Peterson is giving away all his trade secrets so you too can now have the repertoire to enterta

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items