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  • You got the gig, but did they ask you back for their other three kids parties? If not, you need to know the art and science behind the birthday party magic show. On this DVD youll see Tim Sonefelts birthday party show performed live for a group of kids and adults. Afterwards, sit in on an in-depth conversation about the show with Tim and his close

  • Tired of hobbling along on your same old magic tricks? Then its time for Peg Leg Pete from Wonder Imagery. Three pirates are shown guarding the treasure. One is due for a break so he waits back on the empty ship. Choose a first mate from the audience to serve as the third pirate guard. Before he can start his duty he must be tested to make sure he

  • What if your audience could see what youre thinking? Now they can with Wonder Imagerys Thought Bubbles. Someone makes a funny comment - the audience SEES you thinking "LOL!" Someone takes a photo of you - everyone SEES you thinking "Im on Facebook!" You have someone pick a card - the audience SEES you thinking "3 of Hearts!" These are great for use

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items