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  • Fade (PAL) by Titanas FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin. Titanas brings you a fundamental technique that EVERY magician that performs with coins or small objects needs to have in their magic armory. Forget about gimmicks and contraptions to do your work! Put your pulls, threads, magnet

  • Fade by Titanas FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin. Titanas brings you a fundamental technique that EVERY magician that performs with coins or small objects needs to have in their magic armory. Forget about gimmicks and contraptions to do your work! Put your pulls, threads, magnets and

  • No threads and elastics because old school is the way! Imagine you show any bill or banknote of any value and a playing card which is chosen and marked. In full view with no switches instantly the card changes into the bill and the bill into the card. Give the signed card out as a souvenir! The strength of this effect is in its visual impact. The t

  • The Finest Finger Freakout to Date .. (or to just hold hands) Titanas has created an exquisitely weird method for twisting your finger into a position that no finger has ever gone before! Theres NOTHING in your hands but your own skin. And yet.. You grasp one of your own fingers, muster up your courage, then give the finger a hard, forceful twist.

  • IGNITE THE IMAGINATION! WHAT IF a participant, under your guide, could enter into a state of Heightened sensory awareness and, without knowing how, THEY COULD - Imagine and visualize which gun among five is unloaded so that you Could point that gun to your head and safely pull the trigger? - Sense which envelope among five is the only one containin

  • This manuscript contains Luca Volpes best stage routine but pay attention as it is NOT just a simple chair prediction routine, this is a COMPLETE ACT of 8 minutes that will leave your audience blown away! A multi-phase routine with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions. We will not describe the effect here as it is so well conceive

  • The Vision This is the close-up version of the Horus Eye in which the spectatos becomes a clairvoyant. The Connection An easy to do drawing duplication with less than $5 props. The Experience An ultimate journey to your spectator s mind. The Hallucination (ACAAN) A very practical any card at any number with a psychological twist. The Call An astoni

  • Remember the look of total amazement on the girls face when David Blaine performed his rising card effect, in his first ever TV special. That show shot him to fame and sealed the rising card as a MUST HAVE effect in all the best close up magicians repertoires. PROBLEM: You want to do the rising card ANYWHERE! You want to perform it fully surrounded

  • The Horus contains some of Luca Volpes best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing a blend of clever thinking and easy to do methods, which creates stunning effects. Each routine is audience tested and contains everything you need to perform the effects, from the script to plenty of bonus tips. No complicated props to build or expens

  • Following the great response from his first book "HORUS" Luca Volpe returns with his second work "NEPHTHYS". In this ebook Luca Volpe has incorporated many psychological aspects and basic methods to create mindblowing experiences that are 100% surefire!! All of the effects come complete with script and performance tips. Here are the routines that a

  • Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christophers METAL. Teaching the guarded methodology and technique behind his highly visual and impactful metal bending routines, Christopher covers all the ins and outs to take you from a beginner to a pro - seasoned metal benders will also find new techniques and tricks to apply to create maximum d

  • Vivify contains ten original stage illusions fully described and illustrated in glorious full colour. Also included are two thought provoking essays. Foreword by Brett Daniels. VIVIFY - Etymology: Middle English: to nourish, to give life. Latin: vivificus - enlivening. 1. To endow with life or renewed life: Animate 2. To impart vitality or vividnes

  • ANATE is a psychological technique. Its a subtlety that is not 100% sure fire, but when you get the technique down and you hit, Youll know it. Imagine placing one card on the table, face down. The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. The place explodes. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a

  • Imagine if you could perform powerful mentalism anywhere, just with a few borrowed objects. Imagine no more. Mysteries Anywhere is a compendium of solid mental experiences that you can perform in any situation, without prior preparation. Effects: 1. Perfect Coin,maybe: A miracle in the purse of your participant. He takes a coin from his pocket and

  • Zener Cards were designed in the 1930's by Karl Zener in association with J.B. Rhine for use in experiments. In 1947, Mr. Rhine published "The Reach of the Mind", where he shared his discoveries in "Scientifical Parapsychology". In 2010, a mentalist performer put in print 5 routines with just 5 ESP Cards. 5 effects that you can perform anywhere and will...

  • If you wanna learn new existing ways to create precognition experiences, this Book is for you.

  • 4E Illusion Book. Written & Illustrated by Mark Parker with Contributions by David Mendoza & Tony Clark. This is the first time since the Paul Osborne books (also available) that David Mendoza has contributed his thoughts and ideas. The book features seven original illusions fully explained - (one is already licensed to David Mendoza-Magicr

  • Chris Stolz is known as one of the top up and coming illusion designers in the industry today with incredible creations like his gorgeous looking sawing illusion "4 Way Split" or his incredibly practical levitation for the small stage "Sound Waves". Titanas Magic Productions is please to release this collection of five appearance illusions for the

  • An effect that is direct, easy to do, and will totally blow your audiences minds. Harry Monk has created a mentalism routine based on cards, and a gambling theme that is perfect for any working condition. Perform this walk-around or on a stage. Imagine walking up to a group of people and showing four totally different photographs, each showing a di

  • 12 Refills for Slide. No instructions included.

  • After the success of IN MY MIND, Luca Volpe has returned with more fascinating routines from his professional repertoire! IN MY MIND 2 is a collection of stage and close-up mentalism routines which have been performed and tested on audiences all around the world! All routines are 100% commercial and easy to perform, blending new and old methods, th

  • This practical new wallet design fits comfortably in your back pocket or in any jacket pocket. There are several possible loading methods - some involve palming and some do not. Playing cards can be either stolen out of the wallet or loaded into the wallet, and the loaded cards can be revealed in one of TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. One of the locations

  • LinKey by Alan Rorrison and Titanas At any time you will be able to take your house key and visually link it to a rubber band. Both can be inspected before and after the magic happens. You can even take this super simple gimmick and link it to a borrowed necklace without loosing any of the visual impact! We also teach you how to make a bonus gimmic

  • Voyeur by Romanos and Titanas In the fairest way, while your back is turned, the spectator selects a card. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is placed inside the card case. Only then the magician turns his head and instantly knows the identity of the card. * No electronics * No Force * No Magnets *No Rough and smooth *No Markings *No me

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