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  • Visions of Wonder Volume 1 by Tommy Wonder Effect The Ring, the Watch, and the Wallet - Tommy relates how he was recently robbed. He takes off his ring, takes the money from his wallet, and takes the watch off his wrist. He then very cleanly puts the items in an envelope and openly tears the envelope to shreds. Tommy instantly holds up his hand

  • Visions of Wonder Volume 3 by Tommy Wonder Effect Nest of Boxes - Tommy discusses in tremendous detail three unbelievable versions of the Borrowed Watch to Nest of Boxes. You will shake your head in disbelief and be absolutely dumbfounded. Coins Across - A combination of the Coins Across plot, a coin box routine, and a wonderful Coin in Eye rout

  • Visions of Wonder Volume 2 by Tommy Wonder Effect Elizabeth IV - The performer removes a clear envelope with a wager and a prediction. Any card is named and contents of the clear envelope are openly removed. The prediction matches the freely named card. Rubiks Card - Tommy shows a small box filled with blocks that have card pips on some of thei

  • Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder Never has there been a more articulate manifesto declaring magic a true art. And never has one man offered a more detailed and coherent plan for achieving art by the practice of magic. Through a series of tricks, routines and essays, Tommy Wonder provides a clear blueprint for an uncompromising brand of magical theat

  • The Incomparable Tommy Wonder filmed at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium . . . now on DVD! Tommy Wonder was one of the worlds finest performers and magical thinkers, and this video captures some of his best close-up work when he presented his lecture at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium. Shot with two broadcast cameras. A must for any magici

  • A Great mentalism effect with 15 Cubes and a deck of cards

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items