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  • Just imagine wrapping a piece of paper around any size brown, green or clear bottle and magically penetrate it through someones body! Tony has taken the classic bottle thru table and created a "strolling" close-up illusion that will leave them shocked! The audience actually sees the top of the bottle sticking out of the paper as it is going through

  • Tony Clark had the privilege of being one of Slydinis last students. One of the most valuable routines he learned was the Paper Balls Over the Head - not only because of its incredible impact and audience reaction, but also because Tony learned Slydinis most powerful technique in misdirection to perform it. Tony used this technique and created a re

  • For World Class magician Tony Clark, being the last student of the Master Slydini for over two years was not only an extraordinary learning experience, but also a lifesaving event. On a live-formatted lecture, theatrically filmed in Hollywood, California, Tony shares his experiences with Slydini. He demonstrates and explains beautiful effects and

  • Paper Balls And Rings by Tony Clark Finally after many years of constant requests this routine is now available! This routine is Tony Clarks rendition of Slydinis Paper Balls in box. Tonys version uses three borrowed finger rings that are wrapped inside tissue paper balls and invisibly travel one by one through the air into an empty cardboard box o

  • Tony Clark will demonstrate the Single Knot Release, the Double and Triple Knot Release, as well as the Multiplying Knots. This powerful routine is explained in easy step-by-step instructions. You have a choice of front view, rear view, and split view! Plus the Flying Knot routine! This is a beautiful effect where two scarves are tied together and

  • In this hot new DVD, Tony will give you a detailed step by step private lesson that teaches you his award winning card routine. This routine has been in Tonys act for many years winning him:World Class Stage Champion - Society of American Magicians, The Bill Baird Award - for excellence in manipulation, Milbourne Christopher Award, Nominated Best

  • In and Out Rope Escape by Tony Clark In just a few minutes you can learn Tony Clarks killer comedy rope tie routine. You have two people tie your wrists together with a piece of rope and to everyones surprise you are able to get in and out of the tight knots in seconds! Tony has performed this routine on TV and stages around the world thousands of

  • A fun, unforgettable card trick that is simple to do! A card is freely selected & returned to the deck. Then the magician very quickly pulls one card out. Immediately the spectator lets him know that it is not the correct card. The magician explains its because he took his eye off of the card. On the second attempt the magician pulls out a plas

  • The classic Gypsy Thread has been elevated to new heights! "This is one of the strongest pieces Ive ever created. I just used it to close my hit show "Masters of Magic" in the 1200 seat Montbleu theater in Lake Tahoe!" - Tony Clark "After seeing Tony do his Gypsy Balloon Routine, I was blown away. Tony has found a way to motivate and elevate the cl

  • Sly News Tear has the slickness of the Slydini Tear and the climax power of the Gene Anderson Tear! Easy To Perform Show both sides of newspaper cleanly before and after routine Flash restoration ending Quick and easy to make Reusable gimmick No Magnets No Wire Live performance demo of Tony Clark performing on stage for his Masters of Magic show in

  • Tony Clarks latest collection of lecture notes. Subjects include: Jumbo Coin Opener Clarks Curled Wrist Placement The TC Pivot Vanish Crazy Cut Cards Faceless 2 To 1 String Center Tear Bill Pages: 16 Softcover Saddle Stitched Full Color with photos 8.5" x 5.5"

  • Over an Hour of Professional Material Stage effects and close-up miracles Insights into Slydinis teachings Powerful psychology and sleights Ten fantastic effects explained Hosted by Jeff Hobson From Hobsons Lecture Network Archives Effects and Topics include: The Flying Knot Anything from Tissue: Dove, Silks, Money Variants Bottle Through Body Stan

  • Over one hour of material Professional know-how for childrens shows Insights on performing, psychology, and business Includes live show footage with commentary Priceless secrets on increasing your income Hosted by Jeff Hobson From Hobsons Lecture Network Archives Highlights include: Income from Childrens Shows Understanding Youngsters The Magicians

  • Each copy autographed by Tony Clark! Award-Winning Dove Techniques A handbook for Dove Workers

  • This is a fun and easy trick to perform. Great for Close-up or strolling magicians at all levels. You get four glossy 4" x 6" cards and a black envelope.

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