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  • My Favorite Magic: Routines taught include: Dancing Hank, Acrobatic Ball, Card Box Mystery, Vanishing Coins In Glass, Balls Through Cups, Color Test, Shrinking Die & Vanishing Wand, Aces & Queens, Safety Pin Through Silk, Floating Pencil and more. Rope Magic: Routines taught include: Fastest Knot In The World, Multiple Appearing Knots, Va

  • Mystical Genie: Routines taught include: Gamblers Dream, Penetrating Straws, Moving Straw, Teleporting Coin, Doubling Your Money, Crayon Divination and more. Childrens Magic: Routines taught include: Vanishing Pencil, Mystical Coin, Cloth Of Mystery, The Rising Ring, The Grandmas Beads, Handkerchief Through Rope and more.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items