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  • Thought Process by Wayne Fox From the creative mind of Wayne Fox comes an impromptu mind reading effect for The Workers Taken from Waynes own performing routine, this is. .Thought Process! Just think of any word. Think! Effect A spectator mentally selects any word that is printed on a playing card box and remembers it. (A choice of over 30 words) T

  • Secret Soldier by Wayne Fox Effect After several failed attempts the magician calls in the Army to find the spectators chosen card. A small pewter toy soldier is placed on any face down card on the table by the spectator, but when it is turned over it is found not to be the chosen card, ITS A CODE RED!! However, when the spect

  • Do you like T n R effects but the performing environment will not allow the long piece by piece routines? Are you concerned about how angles will work? Well, Now at last, with Make Amends the spectator signs a playing card that gets torn into quarters and placed in a pile on the table. The magician, now taps the corner of the card box on the pieces

  • Your audience will be stunned as you can cut to any card that the spectator cuts to even though they spectator can shuffle the cards as much as they like and the cards are totally normal. You will want to perform this effect right away, it knocks out both laymen and magicians alike. It is one of the strongest card effects your audience will have se

  • The razor sharp card technique that simply looks like real magicInstant back in box: An in the hands shuffled deck instantly appears back in its box

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items