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  • Bend A Spoon While In Full View of the Audience!In the 1970s, Werry developed a "psychic bending" of an object that went beyond what was being shown by the so-called "psychics" around the world. The performer presents several plastic spoons to his audience for examination. One spoon is freely selected and signed with a permanent felt marker for lat

  • Refill For Voodoo 1 by Werry and Trick Production Effect Re-fill notebook for Voodoo 1.

  • Ring Rhapsody by Werry Who says theres nothing New in Magic? Theres new effects galore, and heres a trick to prove it! A sparkling new effect by one of magics greatest originators. The Magician shows his hands empty, then lifts up and freely displays a purple 6 inch plastic ring..nothing else. The ring is taken between hands and a catching motion i

  • Werrys PSI Power Effect New and Clever principle to secretly obtain written information Regardless of how many people write anywhere on the paper, Performer can "divine" what was written by chosen spectator! Magician can also psychially bend pen used in experiment! Real PSI-Power!

  • The performer shows both sides of his hands unmistakably empty. At a nerve-racking slow and deliberate pace, his right hand reaches out into the air and closes to a fist, as if he caught hold of something. This same hand then makes a small tossing motion upward and suddenly a large 45 x 45 cm silk appeared in mid-air, which gently flutters down ont

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items