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  • Freak out your friends Distort your finger in unbelievable ways! With this incredible finger bending trick, no matter who you show, youre guaranteed to amaze, disgust and just freak them out! And believe it or not, will Houstouns FREAK is only an illusion, which anyone can learn - its that easy! Once you know the secret, youll be getting great reac

  • Will Houstoun is one of the real up and coming young talents from the U.K. He burst onto the Magic scene by taking third place in our own prestigious Close-Up Competition, then went on to confirm his standing by taking first prize in the British Magic Championship, Blackpool, 2006. This is Will Houstouns first lecture and we are proud to have him a

  • 3 DVD set from rsvp magic starring the amazing Will Houstoun. Over Five Hours of magic packed onto 3 DVDs in a stunning Limited Edition presentation pack. World Class Sleight of Hand Magic from one of it's finest technicians.

  • This quick little effect is wonderful for both a close up and a parlour setting as its not only very open and visible, but Will has constructed it in a way to automatically bring the audiences attention back up to the performer at the end. Not only is it a great trick, but a superb lesson in the design and execution of an effect.

  • Hidden in the depths of The Magic Circle, London was a long forgotten Notebook, written around the second half of the eighteenth century by an unknown author.

  • Although Professor Hellis performed in venues such as The Royal Polytechnic Institution and The Brighton Aquarium, gave lessons to magicians such as Professor Hoffmann and Dr Holden and was admired by no less than David Devant, little has been written about him.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items