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  • Con-Fused by Zane A Brand New and Most Novel Card Trick With More Twists Than a Tornado! Originated by Zane Himself. Effect This effect starts off as just a regular Ambitious Card Routine, but then it gets darn right crazy, but crazy in a good way! A card is selected and placed into the centre of the deck. The magician, (thats you!) then tells the

  • Zane has taken the Anniversary Waltz card trick plot to the absolute limit! A playing card is selected from a deck of cards by a spectator who then signs stickers which are stuck on the face and back of his card. The card is clearly placed to one side in full view. Another spectator selects a different card for the magician, and the magician also s

  • You will get unbelievable reactions using Zanes very practical and easy to use PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0! Now with even more PK Accessories included! As used by top professional close-up magician Zane in the UK and many other magicians worldwide! This practical kit contains a powerful PK Neodymium/Rare Earth Magnet 25mm x 10mm, a Wrist/Ankle Hold

  • This is an easy-to-do, entertaining and commercial magic/mentalism routine, with an impossible triple prediction, with props creating a sense of the bright lights of Las Vegas casinos.

  • A Most Charming & Magical Card Trick Thats Great Fun to Perform! Ever wanted a Genie in a bottle to help you out with a card trick thats gone wrong? Of course not, but with this fun routine by Zane the card trick does go wrong and you do call on your friend The Genie in the bottle to help you by correctly producing a miniature of the spectators

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items