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  • Smokers and non-smokers unite! The reigning king of wooden cigar magic has finally decided to open the vaults on decades worth of tricks, tips and routines, much of which is being revealed here for the first time ever! AND VIRTUALLY ALL OF THIS MATERIAL CAN BE PERFORMED WITH ROLLS OF LIFESAVERS, CERTS AND MENTHOS! Learn SWITCHING TECHNIQUES, INVISI

  • Best Stand Up Routines by John Rogers The Camirand Academy of Magic is proud to present two exceptional stand-up routines from the professional repertoire of award-winning magician John Rogers. In THE WALRUS THREE-BALL ROUTINE, John has solved many of the classic problems associated with three-ball routines. There is no table required, no net, no a

  • Perform all of the old favorite cigarette sleights with these wooden rods! Just because cigarettes are not politically correct doesnt mean you cant astound viewers with your manipulative skills. Same size as a cigarette Sharp edge aids sleights Stiffer than a cigarette improves handling Light-weight makes sleights easier to perform Lightly Stained

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items