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  • Steve Haynes Hand Out 500 starts off like all the other wonderful versions of Pat Pages easy money; you display four or five single dollar bills, then in a flash, the ones visibly change into hundreds. The Big Handout Happiness is that you can now immediately hand out all of the hundreds for examination! If youve performed other versions, youve pro

  • The performer draws a couple doodles on two business cards (say an x and a smiley face) and has a spectator sign both. While they are sitting, the performer very clearly and openly shows both signed cards (really only two cards!) and then openly shows the signed smiley face and places it in the spectators and places the x signed card in his pocket.

  • Paul Harris Presents Fair Play Gimmick created by Steve Haynes & Uday Jadugar

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items