<![CDATA[World Of Magic Reviews]]> http://tricks.co/feeds/ Latest reviews of some of the magic products that world of magic has available Tue, 15 Oct 2019 18:47:12 +0100 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[jumbo size bicycle playing cards blue or red backed]]> jumbo size bicycle playing cards blue or red backed ]]> https://tricks.co/en/jumbo-cards-240 <![CDATA[manager]]> tell me more]]> https://tricks.co/en/true-astonishment-4670 <![CDATA[Buddha]]> Están disponibles]]> https://tricks.co/en/buddha-slot-box-chazpro-4554 <![CDATA[Precio]]> Hola si me gustaría saber a que precio lo tenes gracias ]]> https://tricks.co/en/dragon-ring-bcmm-8316 <![CDATA[good]]> thanks]]> https://tricks.co/en/emagine-14981 <![CDATA[R3 is the best ring and lace routine!]]> Rene has developed an incredible audience-tested ring and shoelace routine with some pretty amazing sequences! I've had the pleasure of seeing this routine live by Perdigon himself and was shocked at how fast-paced and interactive all the moves are. Get this booklet and get yourself the gimmick and you will have a real worker in your hands. I highly recommend this!]]> https://tricks.co/en/rc-booklet-the-ultimate-ringlace-by-rene-perdigonbill-goldman-671 <![CDATA[mago larry]]> Tour très efficace ........... facile à faire]]> https://tricks.co/en/infallible-prediction-13683 <![CDATA[show-house@web.de]]> Hi! I have interest for Three parts of Reference: 26640 (Big Linking 3Ring by JL) Whats the complet prize with shipping? (germany) How i can pay it? Is it possible? Greatings, Ralph]]> https://tricks.co/en/big-linking-6669 <![CDATA[The Prince of Darkness]]> This is a great trick I bought this off Andrew many years ago and as I was very new to magic it went in to my sock drawer and was forgotten about until recently that is. There has been another card trick released of late that has caused a comparison to Andrews trick. so I found it and Learned it which didn't take long and what a great trick. The moves are also very pleasing to do. At the same time in the same sock drawer I found Andrews Ace Fantasy he actually gave me this himself FREE (what a guy ) now there is another 3 faze killer that I have had for years. Thank you Andrew Normansell , We know the rest? ]]> https://tricks.co/en/club-sandwich-by-andrew-normanselljb-magic-dvd-4310 <![CDATA[Fu Guillotina por Dinucci Magia 31141]]> Hola, me gustaría saber el precio de la guillotina, y como proceder para comprarla, no veo precios ni manera de contactar comercialmente con ustedes, gracias un saludo Francisco j]]> https://tricks.co/en/fu-guillotine-10132 <![CDATA[magician]]> eae]]> https://tricks.co/en/at-the-table-live-lecture-shin-lim-dvd-11130 <![CDATA[g]]> g]]> https://tricks.co/en/annemanns-practical-mental-effects-vol-b-by-richard-osterlind-dvd-7388 <![CDATA[Magic tricks manufacturer]]> Great Item]]> https://tricks.co/en/elephant-vanish-8500 <![CDATA[Mr.]]> Great]]> https://tricks.co/en/gamethoughts-understanding-creativity-through-mind-games-by-ning-caijohn-teo-book-15437 <![CDATA[Mr.Neil Australia.]]> Kindly send me more information to email above.]]> https://tricks.co/en/aerostatic-card-by-bazar-de-magia-11380 <![CDATA[Review]]> This product is very good. Modern approach to classic techniques such as Ascanio spread and double lift. Very recommended to for your magic arsenal.]]> https://tricks.co/en/ariose-14842 <![CDATA[Fish appears in the bottle]]> ]]> https://tricks.co/en/magic-bottle-10046 <![CDATA[Colossal Coloring Book of Magic Review]]> As a Pro Magician for 20 years, I am always on the lookout for anything practical for my repertoire. I have several Magic coloring books. However, this has many advantages. First, size. The larger book has more impact and is easier to see for a larger audience but can be performed close up. Also, the plot makes more sense. The line drawings are clear, with great pictures and the scribble pictures are a great idea. They give you a reason to add many comedy props to make this a full routine. The final full-colour pages have a crayon texture. Lots of audience participation and plenty of Comedy. Highly recommended! Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent! TorontoPartyMagician.com]]> https://tricks.co/en/colossal-magic-coloring-book-13913 <![CDATA[I love it!]]> Absolute Zero is THE ultimate device to make you look like you have superpowers! I love it!!! I'm adding this to my Superman act immediately.]]> https://tricks.co/en/absolute-zero-14806 <![CDATA[Redefines whats possible!!!]]> Redefines what we thought was possible when mixing playing cards with magic]]> https://tricks.co/en/insight-pro-14269 <![CDATA[A clever gimmick]]> If you want to mess with your audience's head (phones) then check out Wired! A clever gimmick that allows for visually surprising, and seemingly off the cuff magic.]]> https://tricks.co/en/wired-14521 <![CDATA[This is fun magic]]> This is fun magic with an item we all carry these days. That makes it a winner in my book!]]> https://tricks.co/en/wired-14521 <![CDATA[this is going to be a huge hit]]> I love organic looking magic and Wired is just that and more. Great job Danny this is going to be a huge hit]]> https://tricks.co/en/wired-14521 <![CDATA[That is SO GOOD!]]> That's so good, that's so good. That is SO GOOD! That was all Gregory Wilson said after watching Fung performed Night Crawler in his face!]]> https://tricks.co/en/night-crawler-14522 <![CDATA[One of the most amazing self-levitations]]> One of the most amazing self-levitations I have ever seen]]> https://tricks.co/en/masterminds-two-14236