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  • Sixty different routines compiled by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe, with additional routines by eighteen other magicians from around the world, including Banacheck, Kenton Knepper, Gerard, Richard Webster, Joe Givan, and Wayne Rogers. This book is a compendium of creative approaches to a single principle, a principle dedicated to changing the chara

  • Entertaining on Cruise Ships by Paul Romhany The most comprehensive book ever produced for entertainers who want to work in the cruise ship industry. No stone is left unturned as Paul shares the inside secrets in to becoming a guest entertainer on board a high-end luxury cruise liner, and all the inside information you will need to secure an

  • Extreme Magic MakeOver is filled with brand new, funny, original, COMPLETE ROUTINES for some of magics most popular and widely performed effects. Hal Spear and Paul Romhany have put together a book all magicians can use - complete FULL, ORIGINAL patter for the following effects: Torn and Restored Newspaper - three different routines Bowl-A-Rama by

  • These lecture notes contain six of Paul Romhanys favorite routines that he has performed over the past twenty years. They range from stand-up to stage and even a little close-up ditty using business cards. There is something in here for every type of performer. Duck Call Gag Clean Sweep Business Card Switcharoo Poor Magicians Confabulatio

  • Paul Romhany proudly presents an updated version of Billy McCombs classic Half Dyed Hanky routine using a professionally written script by famed comedy writer Hal Spear, and original handling techniques by Wayne Rogers, taking McCombs original routine to new levels. This package is designed for the magician who wants the complete package including

  • Paul Romhany reveals the real secrets to making extra money as a walk-about ventriloquist. This books looks at different venues. How to get the work, Types of puppets to use and even has a chapter on jokes that you can use. If you are a part time ventriloquist or full time professional you will definitely get something out of this book. "It

  • Paul Romhany is one of the busiest working magicians out there. Not only is he in demand with his innovative Charlie Chaplin Act, but he also works a lot of private functions and parties with his close-up magic. This routine comes direct from his close-up act AND his cruise ship show. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of magical close-up the

  • Looking for a routine that will play well for adults as well as children? Paul Romhanys Happy Face is the perfect routine for family entertainers and motivational magic. Based on a Wild Card effect, Happy Faces is destined to become a classic of Family Entertainers. Childrens Show: The magician shows four large sad smiley face cards and one Happy F

  • Paul Romhany performs and explains his favorite routines from his book Lunch Is Served. The "Out To Lunch" principle is dedicated to changing the characteristics of an object that has been signed by a spectator. The trick, "Out To Lunch" is generally treated, appropriately, as a comedic trifle, but in this DVD you will find strong approaches, plots

  • For the first time on DVD, International Award winning magician Paul Romhany performs and explains some of his prized stage effects from his act. This DVD was filmed around the world on cruise ships, theaters and television appearances. Paul Romhany is an innovative, hilarious and highly original performer who has wowed audiences the world over. He

  • Direct from his current act, Paul Romhany releases his Comedy Multiplying Bottles Routine. A hilarious routine from start to finish, with a few surprises along the way. This package includes the complete performance and instructional DVD, plus the audio CD with a male and female backing track needed for the Romhany routine. You explain to the audie

  • If you have ever wanted to perform a book test but couldnt afford the high price tags - Romhanys book test now offers you a three phase routine complete with the specially designed book, at a very affordable price - you can start performing this almost instantly as the book does the work for you. There is nothing to memorize. For the past twenty ye

  • When Hal showed me a tape of this hilarious new confusion routine, I said this is the substitute for banana/bandana Ive been looking for." - Paul Romhany Explaining that he is trying out a new trick, the performer follows along to an instructional CD only to have the volunteers borrowed and signed twenty dollar bill totally destroyed. The instructi

  • Romhany shares everything in this book including how to get in to the market, how to get booked on cruise ships as a speaker, selling products, how to write speeches, how to make money from this, putting together an entire package, incorporating magic in to your presentations, PLUS it includes Romhanys own presentation that he has made his living f

  • Paul Romhanys top selling one-person prediction routine just got better. The original Dream Prediction was one of the Top Selling Products for 2007, and now Dream Prediction Lite offers the same effect as the original, but more portable for most working conditions. Dream Prediction Lite is the ideal prediction routine with no need for offstage assi

  • Mental Epic is one the most powerful effects in the mentalists repertoire. Compiled and edited by Paul Romhany, Mental Epic Compendium, is packed with 360 pages with fifty-four routines and ideas for this classic effect. The Mental Epic Compendium is the definitive work on this classic of magic and mentalism, and is destined to become a classic in

  • WINNING NUMBERS (Pro-Series Vl.1) - a Stand Up Mentalism Routine by Paul Romhany The idea of predicting raffle ticket numbers, chosen at random by audience members, can be found in 13 Steps to Mentalism. However, the original method required an offstage assistant. For the past twenty years, Paul has been developing, and performing his version of th

  • This long awaited book includes many variations of the multiplying bottles including Paul Romhanys classic Multiplying Bottle routine. This book comes from over twenty years of experience performing this classic effect. Paul gives this classic effect new twists that will help enhance any act including sections on; How to produce liquid from any set

  • The Six Card Repeat is a staple of many professional magicians. For many it has taken years of practice to acquire the skill necessary to perform. Paul Romhany has designed a gimmick that requires no skill, yet makes you look like youve been practicing for years. Pauls gimmick is a very unique design, which enables moves and variations that are not

  • The Briefcase Illusion has been the opening for Paul Romhanys World Class Act for the past twenty years! An illusion that is designed to set up in less than five minutes, and pack flat in less than two! The possibilities are endless!! Use it as an appearance or vanish, as a solo illusion or with an assistant. No mirrors or black art to worry about.

  • The Color Change Hanky is the perfect opening routine as it can set up the performers personality, and show they have incredible skill. In this 74 page book Paul Romhany shares several hilarious professional scripts that take this classic effect to new levels, and includes some original twists that will unexpected by your audience. Professional Com

  • Especially suitable for Trade Shows and Corporate Events. This very commercial prop will be a valuable addition to any stage show. Perform it completely surrounded under any working condition - the ultimate production of a person and perfect for product launches. Simple to customize by attaching company or product signage to the sides of the Truck.

  • Many professional magicians consider this routine to be one of the funniest bits of business in magic. Ricki Dunn, known as Americas Funniest Pickpocket, closed his show with this routine for over 20 years knowing it would get the strong audience reaction he desired from a closing effect. Prior to his passing, Ricki bequeathed the trick to Paul Rom

  • A COMPLETE eight minute stand-up comedy routine from Paul Romhany & Wayne Rogers. If you are looking for a hilarious routine that is innovative, original and funny then look no further. The book goes in to detail on how to make all the props needed for this hilarious routine. Created by Wayne Rogers for his own professional act, and used by Pau

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