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From the creator of Triage comes an effect that is seemingly impromptu and leaves you looking like a physics defying master!!! Headphones have become a worldwide accessory and lead to many great effects. Borrow a pair of Apple headphones, wrap the headphones around your finger, then pull the wrapped cord through each of your fingers. An impossible solid through solid effect done with an ordinary object. This is WIRED!!

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1) An organic ring through fingers effect2) Uses a pair of borrowed headphones (white)
3) Starts and ends with headphones being completely inspectable
4) A very casual piece of magic that is easy to have on you when not using

Tutorial runs for 20:09

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By Roddy McGhie on 25/08/2016
Title: A clever gimmick
Text: If you want to mess with your audience's head (phones) then check out Wired! A clever gimmick that allows for visually surprising, and seemingly off the cuff magic.
By Michael Finney on 25/08/2016
Title: This is fun magic
Text: This is fun magic with an item we all carry these days. That makes it a winner in my book!
By Dan Hauss on 25/08/2016
Title: this is going to be a huge hit
Text: I love organic looking magic and Wired is just that and more. Great job Danny this is going to be a huge hit
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